Bomb Culture – Jeff Nuttall

Jeff Nuttall’s Bomb Culture (1968), like his magazine project My Own Mag (to which William Burroughs, in cut-up mode, was a key contributor) achieved cult status as a vital, radical exploration of 1960s counterculture. Nuttall’s reflective post-60s manifesto explores the radicalism of the 60s art, music, and protest movements.

Nuttall felt that atomic apocalypse was ubiquitous within high and low cultures, invading all cultural output, much as the mechanized death of The Great War stimulated Dadaism.

Along with the original text, newly edited by EBSN member Douglas Field and Jay Jeff Jones, is a new foreword by Iain Sinclair, who was close to Nuttall during the period described in Bomb Culture. This new edition also includes an afterword by writer Maria Fusco and introduction by the editors which includes images of Nuttall’s artwork and other archive materials.

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