CFP Journal of Beat Studies – Kerouac Centenary

The Journal of Beat Studies volume 10 will be a special issue focusing on Jack Kerouac in honor of his centenary.  The coeditors of this issue, Ronna Johnson and Tim Hunt, invite proposals for critical and scholarly essays, including archival studies and work in mid-twentieth century art and literary communities and schools – Black Mountain, San Francisco Renaissance, and New York School, as well as Beat generation – all with a focus on Jack Kerouac and his writing.  

Proposals (your title, a 250-word description, and short CV) are due April 1.  Please email proposals to both of the coeditors at and  Accepted essays will be due June 15, 2022.  JBS essays and articles are typically 25-30 pages and not to exceed 9,000 words, including notes and works cited.  

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