Data Rescue Effort – Ukraine

We have been asked to share the following message – apologies for the short notice, though you can also check the link to find out more about this effort.

Anna E. Kijas and Francesca Giannetti (Digital Humanities Interest Group, Music Library Association) and Andy Janco (Digital Humanities Interest Group of the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies) are organizing a rapid-response Digital Humanities intervention to secure Ukrainian cultural heritage materials.

They are requesting volunteers to participate in data rescue session on Saturday, March 5th, time to be determined. No programming experience is necessary and you do not have to speak Russian or Ukrainian to participate. Please forward to anyone who may be interested.
Register via GoogleForms at the link below:

Additional information:
“This urgent appeal relayed by Purdue University concerns a rapid-response digital action to secure Ukrainian heritage materials that risk being lost otherwise due to the present conflict. One of the main phases of this action has already happened.  However, in view of the accelerating pace of events on the ground, some actions are already ongoing and can be joined with immediate effect.

As academics and scholars, preservation of culture is one of the tasks that only we can shoulder when no one can or will.

So please urgently relay this appeal to your institutional library head and ask them to get a qualified digital humanities librarian to join.  And perhaps volunteer yourself and join one of the salvage operation slots tomorrow.

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