A. Robert Lee

A. Robert Lee is the author of numerous books, including Modern American Counter Writing: Beats, Outriders, Ethnics (Routledge, 2010), Gothic to Multicultural: Idioms of Imagining in American Literary Fiction (Rodopi, 2009), and Multicultural American Literature: Comparative Black, Native, Latino/a and Asian American Fictions (University of Edinburgh Press and University Press of Mississippi, 2003) for which he won the 2004 American Book Award. He has also co-authored (with Gerald Vizenor) Postindian Conversations (University of Nebraska Press, 1999, 2003) and edited The Beat Generation Writers (Pluto Press, 1996).

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  1. Geetanjali Joshi says:


    I would like to be a member can you help me?
    I am a research scholar from India, working upon the Beat Poets, especially, Ginsberg, Corso and Rexroth, I have been enrolled as a scholar for 3 years now and will be submitting my thesis by the end of this year. I would like to be a part of your community.I am also a part of Beatdom, a nonprofit literary initiative .



  2. A. Robert Lee says:

    Have just seen your note — Tokyo greetings. How can I help? Tell me about Beatdom.

    Good wishes, hurrahs — ARL


  3. mike and Sue McCarthy says:

    Hope that you both are well.


  4. Syam Sudhakar says:

    I’m Syam Sudhakar working on my PhD in the Department of English, University of Madras, India. I’m studying the Beat Generation, using the methodology of performance studies. The Performance of sub-cultures, Beat body and male White performances in literature and lifestyle, and Against Modernisms are my major areas of focus. I have come across a couple of your articles like, ‘Chicanismo’s Beat Outsider?’, and I am very glad that you’re a member here.
    I’d like to know if you could help by giving me some information on some of the dominions that have already been researched on the Beat Generation in general, and specifically the Performative aspects of the Beats. Perhaps you could give me some names and their areas, as I need to find some major books, articles, and PhD dissertations on the subject for my literature review. Here in India, I find it very difficult to find secondary materials and I do not want to miss out any major work. I’d be extremely grateful if you could help me in this regard.


  5. Mark Jacobs says:

    Dear A. Robert Lee,

    Would you be interested in San Fran ‘60s, a collection of autobiographical short stories about Sixties San Francisco? For the approaching 45th anniversary of the Summer of Love, Escallonia Press will be promoting a paperback edition this spring and soliciting the opinions of experts such as yourself. At sanfran60s@gmail.com you can request a copy of the ms. as an MSWord file or a PDF file. Or if you prefer, we can send you a copy of the paperback.

    Here are some recent responses:

    “It’s fun, with a quirky style… There’s plenty of colour evoked and the language has a brisk and bold rhythm. There’s an authenticity, an authority…” Simon Warner, PhD, author of Text, Drugs, and Rock’n’Roll, published by Bloomsbury, and Lecturer, Popular Music Studies, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

    “I… found it very readable. It certainly brings back the era with an inside look. I think it could find readers in Germany.” Juergen Ploog, “Germany’s last beatnik poet,“ novelist, author of Facts of Fiction. Essays on Contemporary Literature. This is his Wikipedia page: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/J%C3%BCrgen_Ploog

    “This book does an unbelievably good job of capturing the feel of the 60s. The pace is perfect. The rhythm is perfect… And some of the images are searing – they stick with you for days after you read them.” Phil Kain, Phd, Professor of Philosophy, Santa Clara University

    “Jacobs captures a series of lost moments, a fleeting glimpse into a gossamer universe, a soundtrack to a film that had yet to become a a replay.Take a trip to the plastic-fantastic past…. ” –Davis Schneiderman, William Burroughs scholar, and author of the novels Drain (Northwestern) and BLANK (Jaded Ibis).

    “It’s entertaining to read. It condenses a complex reality into a fictional landscape that captures some of the rosy and bitter flavors of a time that continues to be mythologized in history.” –Nadya Zimmerman, author of Counterculture Kaleidoscope: Musical and Cultural Perspectives on Late Sixties San Francisco

    Thanks, Mark Jacobs


  6. Victoria Gillison says:

    Dear Mr. Lee-

    I am a university student writing a paper on the role of women in the Beat Movement. I came across your anthology, The Beat Generation Writers, and was wondering if you could help me locate copies of chapters 9 and 10. My school for some reason does not have access to the book and I cannot seem to get in contact with Ms. McNeil or Ms. Friedman. I also can not find those essays anywhere else.

    Anything at all would be greatly appreciated.

    Victoria Gillison


    • A. Robert Lee says:

      Glad we were able to exchange notes and information, and not least refer you to a nearby library that has a copy of The Beat Generation Writers. Do think of joining the various Beat Associations/Networks.


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