Arthur S. Nusbaum

Arthur S. Nusbaum (b. 1958) is a long-time collector and independent scholar of the Beat Generation and its legacy, with special emphasis on the life and work of William S. Burroughs.

In 2010 Nusbaum founded Third Mind Books in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which aims to combine precision condition-grading and rigorous historical specificity in each listing; to truly “curate” every offering.

Nusbaum has attended the annual European Beat Studies Network Conferences since their inception in 2012, and has presented at five of the six conferences. 2013 saw Nusbaum’s revealing interview with encyclopedic scholar and head of Burroughs Communications, James Grauerholz, while his 2015 presentation dealt with a largely unpublished series of letters from Paul Bowles to James Leo Herlihy. In 2016 Nusbaum debuted a controversial, outspoken interview of seminal Beat scholar, John Tytell, and his 2017 presentation relayed the untold story of Thomas Rain Crowe and the Second San Francisco Renaissance.

Nusbaum and his team are in the process of establishing a limited-hours brick-and-mortar boutique and gallery in Downtown Ann Arbor, while concurrently assembling the first book-length production of the Third Mind Books publishing arm: the full transcript of our lengthy conversation with Thomas Crowe, which formed the basis of the 2017 presentation.

Nusbaum welcomes correspondence with his consanguineous colleagues in the Beat-&-Beyond community, and plans to contribute to Beat-&-Beyond bookselling and literary scholarship for many years to come.

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