Dianella Bardelli

Dianella Bardelli is a writer of novels and poetry. She teaches creative writing using the methods Kerouac outlined in his novels and essays. Her latest work has been inspired by the Beats and hippies in the US. One of these novels will be published in 2012. She has recently published a novel about the life and death of Neal Cassady entitled Il bardo psichedelico di Neal. She has just finished a novel inspired by the life and work of the Beat female poet Lenore Kandel.

To read Dianella’s blogs, visit:

http://lascrittura.altervista.org/; http://poesiaprosaspontanea.wordpress.com/; http://solohaiku.altervista.org/.

1 Response to Dianella Bardelli

  1. I have finished a novel: I ragazzi di Kopan. This novel is setting in the ’70 in Nepal, on the hill of Kopan, near Kathmandu; here from 1970 young western hippies gatered to take teachings by a Lama now yet very famous, Lama Yesce. With some real episodes of the persons who were there I have reconstructed their story
    novelizing and inserting also invented characters as the girl who narrates the story in first person, Elisa, an italian girl.
    I Am looking for a publisher


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