Franca Bellarsi

Franca Bellarsi is a member of faculty at Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. She is the author of From Blake to Buddha: Allen Ginsberg’s Journey “Through the Gates of Wrath” (forthcoming from the University of South Carolina Press) and of several articles on the Beat Generation. In the field of postcolonial literature, she has co-edited with Marc Maufort three collective volumes (published by P.I.E.-Peter Lang) entirely or partly devoted to the theatre. At present, she is working on an ecocritical reading of contemporary Canadian literature.

University Webpage

2 Responses to Franca Bellarsi


    Came across your details whilst reading up on Allen Ginsburg.Your name is familiar.Did you ever live in England in the 1980’s?


  2. Steve Edgell says:

    I read the Drooker ‘graphic novel’ adaptation of Howl recently and I was wondering what you thought of it, and how it had been received beyond the confines of the community of opinion that normally comments on graphic novels that don’t conform to the comic industry norms that lurk behind the category.


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