Joanna Pawlik

Joanna Pawlik is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in the School of Arts, Histories and Cultures at the University of Manchester. Her DPhil thesis (Sussex, 2009) explored legacies of Surrealism, both Bretonian and dissident, within the Beat and San Francisco Renaissance avant-gardes. Her Leverhulme fellowship (2011-2013) was awarded for a continuation of this research and will address how Beat and San Francisco Renaissance writers and artists responded to Surrealism between 1941-1976, focussing on their reworking of the movement’s core themes of desire, myth, madness and automatism to articulate new gender, sexual, racial and artistic identities. Shorter research projects include work on Brion Gysin and on Chicago Surrealism. Between 2008-2011 she was a contributor to the Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacies’ 3 year project on Surrealism and Queer Sexualities and she is currently co-editing a volume of essays on Queer Surrealism with David Lomas. Recent publications on Beat writers include: ‘Surrealism, Beat Literature and the San Francisco Renaissance,’ Literature Compass 10.2 (2013), pp 97–110, ‘Ted Joans’ Surrealist History Lesson,’ International Journal of Francophone Studies 14, nos 1 & 2 (June 2011), ‘Artaud in Performance: Dissident Surrealism and the Postwar American Literary Avant-garde,’ Papers of Surrealism 8 (Spring, 2010), and ‘“Various Forms of Madness”: The French Nietzscheans inside America,’ Atlantic Studies 3, no.2 (Dec 2006).

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