Joris Lenstra

I graduated from the University of Utrecht on Allen Ginsberg and his relation to LSD in the period 1963 – 1967. This period is considered the heyday of the Sixties and Allen was very actively promoting LSD and other experiments to the people on this planet. He once boldly proposed that: ‘Everybody who hears my voice try the chemical LSD at least once. Then I prophecy we will all have seen some ray of glory or vastness beyond our conditioned social selves, beyond our government, beyond America even, that will unite us into a peaceful community.’ However, he took LSD only three times this period and he felt troubled on all three occasions. So, why did he propose to do so to an entire planet? What was his master plan?
I have translated the poetry of, amongst others, Jack Kerouac and Walt Whitman into Dutch. Both books received favorable reviews.
I wrote an introductory article about Dutch poetry, which appeared in Jacket Magazine:
I write poems, short stories, essays, reviews and articles. For more about my writing and translating:

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