Maria Anita Stefanelli

Maria Anita Stefanelli is Associate Professor of Anglo-American Literature at  Università Roma Tre, Rome, Italy. Her research in Beat literature is expressed by City Lights: Pocket Poets and Poet Books (Palermo-Roma: Ila Palma, 2004), while Kenneth Patchen: forme spettacolari  (Roma: Aracne, 2008) reveals her interest in a poet admired by many beat writers.

University Webpage

2 Responses to Maria Anita Stefanelli

  1. Dennis Barnett says:

    Ms. Stefanelli – I am trying to locate a copy of Barbara Read’s book – “Miriam and Us.” I am beginning a theatre project about the life and work of Kenneth Patchen. The online contact information for Barbara Read is out of date. Can you help me locate her – or at least a copy of her book?

    Much thanks – Dennis

    Dennis Barnett, Ph.D.
    Coe College


  2. Maria Anita Stefanelli says:

    Just seen your note after a year and a half. I am sorry! I can scan the book and send it to you. Where? Your email? Please let me know how the project develops!


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