Matias Andree Frederiksen

Matias Andree Frederiksen lives in Copenhagen where he teaches literature and history at a local high school. He has a Master of Arts in English and History from the University of Copenhagen. He has written about American national identity and mythology, the cultural role of the American military, as well as the social critique of the Beat writers. He has been a guest lecturer at Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai. His primary academic interests are American history and literature of the post World War II era as well as comparative studies between Beat literature and science-fiction. He is currently working on a book focusing on how to teach Beat literature to high school students.

3 Responses to Matias Andree Frederiksen

  1. Gina Stritch says:

    Please allow me to introduce CBGB Was My High School by GK Stritch. The book was influenced by The Beats and provides anecdotes of my own minor, but valued, interactions with Allen Ginsberg and William S. Borroughs, as a young person in New York City. The ISBN is 978-0-9833711-1-3, Full Court Press, 2011.

    All the best with your students and your curent book.


  2. Gina Stritch says:

    CBGB Was My High School is now available at Aalborg University Library.


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