Polina Mackay

Polina Mackay is, with Oliver Harris, the founder of the EBSN. Polina is Assistant Professor of English and American Literature at the University of Nicosia. Her book on female Beat writers, The Aesthetics, Gender and Feminism of the Beat Women, is forthcoming from Routledge. She has also published articles on Burroughs, the most recent of which appears in Naked Lunch @ 50: Anniversary Essays (Southern Illinois UP, 2009). She is the co-editor of Authorship in Context: From the Theoretical to the Material (Palgrave, 2007) and Kathy Acker and Transnationalism (Cambridge Scholars, 2009). Her latest collaboration, the co-edited book The Cambridge Companion to H.D., was published by Cambridge University Press in 2011. Polina has also published work on contemporary American women authors, including Bharati Mukherjee and Diane Glancy. 

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4 Responses to Polina Mackay

  1. Rebecca Evans says:

    Dear Polina,
    As I promised, I am writing to offer my services. Next month I am starting a 2-3 year course in professional translation. My speciality is Russian, but I can also do German translation (i.e. from Russian and German into English). I could start a project at the beginning of next Summer, after my academic commitments finish in June.
    It was so nice to meet and chat with you last Friday in Middelburg!
    Warm Regards,
    Rebecca Evans


  2. polinamackay says:

    Dear Rebecca,

    It was very nice to meet you too! Thank you very much for offering to help make our site more multilingual. We’ll definitely come back to you next summer.

    Best wishes,



  3. Allen Tobias says:

    Hi, Paulina,

    Just curious: who is Michael J. Prince.

    Is he an American, currently or ex faculty, Boston University?

    Please let me know.


    Allen Tobias


  4. Please tell me what is required to become a member of EBSN.

    thank you


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