Raven See

Raven See has an undergraduate degree from Elmira College and a Master’s degree from Boston College, where she studied 20th century American Literature with a focus on Beat Generation writers. Channeling a background in history and feminist theory, Raven works specifically with the women writers of the Beat Generation. Currently, she maintains a blog dedicated to spreading the word about these women and is in the process of developing the blog into a website.

Raven is also the EBSN Events Coordinator, she assists with the website and the planning of the annual EBSN conference. Feel free to contact her at rsee11@elmira.edu.


2 Responses to Raven See

  1. Simon Warner says:

    Hi Raven,

    How are you?! Can you direct me to your Beat Women web resource, plse.




  2. Dr. Raj Chandarlapaty says:


    I am publishing a new book and would like to introduce it during the conference. The book is on the music, film a new d photography of Paul Bowles. If you can assist with media, I would like to arrange a short presentation using film and audio clips. If you can also give me a table to distribute flyers I would be grateful.

    Dr. Raj Chandarlapaty


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