Rona Cran

Rona Cran is the author of Collage in Twentieth-Century Art, Literature and Culture (2014). She teaches American literature at the University of Birmingham.

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  1. Calvin Stevens says:

    Greetings; Hopefully you are the author of the review of “The Lost Frontier” which I just read. There can’t be many Rona Crans. Anyway, apparently Mr. Asquith has been sucked in totally by Annie Proulx’ focus on unusual and largely deviant individuals living in a presumed wasteland. I don’t doubt that there are such individuals and there are parts of Wyoming that are unattractive. However, most of the people there are upstanding and the State is famed for its beauty. Wyoming, thus, is actually nothing like what Mr. Asquith suggests based on Proulx’ writings.
    Western life has often been glorified in the past, presenting a picture at the other extreme. Perhaps Annie was trying to get away from that by focusing on that other extreme.
    Since neither of the above views present Wyoming and its people at all accurately. I recently published a book entitled “On the Other Side of Brokeback Mountain”. In this book I do not present a glorified picture of Wyoming, but a more realistic picture of life and people in a State where most of the people who live there actually want to live there.
    If you are interested in this book it is available on Amazon, Kindle, and Nook. Alternatively, I would be happy to send you a copy.


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