Udo Breger

Udo Breger is a writer, photographer and publisher. He was a friend of William Burroughs and Brion Gysin. He was the editor and publisher of the seminal international magazine Soft Need of which there will be another issue, SOFT NEED 23, desigend as a 330-pages book to be published in 2019. His published work includes the book Identity Express (1973) and Road Stops (2016; in German) a memoir, including 150 of his photographs.
Udo Breger est un écrivain, photographe et éditeur. Il était un ami de William Burroughs et de Brion Gysin. Il a été l’éditeur et le rédacteur en chef du magazine Soft Need, dont le prochain numéron SOFT NEED 23, va paraître en 2019. Celui-ci sera conçu comme un livre de 330 pages. Les travaux de Udo Breger comprennent le livre Identity Express (1973) et Road Stops (2016 ; en allemand), un mémoire comprenant 150 de ses photographies.


4 Responses to Udo Breger

  1. didier girard says:

    Dear Udo Breger,

    Oliver Harris mentioned to me that you live in Basel. I happen to come to Basel this week end and will have nothing to do on Saturday night (I am staying at a hotel near the station called Euler, maybe you are around and have nothing better to do….?)

    Didier Girard

    PS: my name is in the EBS network and you can see who is this strange man who is writing to you


  2. I recently procured a copy of Soft Need #8 and wanted to thank you for publishing such important conceptual forms of thought. It is equally relevant today as it was in 1973. I have been reading a lot of Lowry Burgess’ ideas about art and technology, and the timing of me finding Soft Need was perfect. I am now wiled eyed and crazed, and like Burroughs, Burgess, Gysin and yourself, my plan is not to change the world through art and conceptual thought forms, but change the universe. I am still seeking out all the issues of Soft Need as my mind, my heart and soul are currently on fire. currently on fire!

    wiled eyed and respectfully yours,
    michael tristan importico


  3. Norbert Nowowtsch says:

    guten tag,
    vor wenigen tagen war hier in münster der regisseur des films “a man within”, yony leiser, in münster, um seinen film vorzustellen. als vorprogramm wurde ein ausschnitt aus einer lesung mit burroughs gezeigt, die ich 1980 aufgenommen hatte, dazu ein kurzes video mit 3 statements von künstlern (dan graham, joseph beuys, w.s. burroughs) leiser wies mich auf die kommende ausstellung im zkm hin und das evtl. der/die filme von interesse wären. die lesung war im original auf sony open-reel 1/2 zoll und hat die notwendigen kopien bildtechnisch nur mit einschränkungen überstanden, der ton ist aber gut…
    mit freundlichen grüßen
    norbert nowotsch


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