2013 Conference, Aalborg, Denmark

Our second Conference was in Aalborg, Denmark, from 28-30, August 2013. With 55 attendees, Aalborg University’s Bent Sørensen opened the conference at the Nordkraft Campus on Wednesday morning at 8:30am for 3 full days of papers, multimedia events and networking. It was a spectacular conference. Thank you Polina Mackay and Bent Sørensen (plus the 55 attendees). Highlight pics of the 2013 Conference in Aalborg, Denmark.

Slideshow of images from the conference.

Conference Video by Davide Crimi:

Conference Programme:


3 Responses to 2013 Conference, Aalborg, Denmark


    Hi, I just got the intimation about this conference today. I was wondering if you are still accepting abstracts.

    thank you



  2. oliverharris says:

    Dear Aatreyee,

    I think we are indeed still welcoming abstracts; just email Bent directly.

    With best wishes,



  3. Dr. Sarbojit Biswas says:


    got information for this conference today. We are a group in India, into this…do we still have time to send abstracts? Are you still accepting?


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