EBSN Sponsorship

While it is possible to set up a donation via the secure Stripe Payments button below (set up as an annual subscription that can be stopped at any time), the EBSN also invites sponsorship in a new way.

We are looking to individuals or suitable organisations who may want to sponsor our Annual Conferences.

The broad aim of sponsorship is to enable us to continue to organise conferences that maintain the EBSN’s commitment to reach beyond Anglo-centric academia by bringing together critical and creative work from a democratic variety of participants and performers. In particular, we look to sponsorship to help keep conference fees below cost, especially for unwaged members and junior scholars, and to enable organisers to cover expenses or offer honoraria to particular individuals. Surpluses from conference income will in turn be used to enable the EBSN to offer small bursaries to help members advance their work in the field.

Interested in becoming an EBSN Sponsor? If you are, please get in touch via “info[@]ebsn.eu”  or the contact box below and we’ll gladly share further details of what is involved.


Is there a minimum sponsorship amount?

Yes: to avoid generating a lot of bureaucracy, the minimum is 150 euros ($200, £150).

How is money paid?

We would provide bank transfer details so that you can pay the money directly into the EBSN’s own bank account. We’d confirm receipt, and the donation would appear in our accounts.

What do I get for being a sponsor?

We would be happy to feature your name in the list of sponsors associated with a particular conference (a list that is usually also included on conference posters and in conference programmes). But you can also choose to remain anonymous.

Because the Association that runs the EBSN is a charitable organisation, sponsors can claim tax deductions. Sponsors will also have their conference fees waived.

Do I have a say in how the money is spent?

No. Sponsorship income goes into a general fund for running our conferences with a view to enabling organisers to have greater scope for subsidizing fees for members and for offering expenses or honoraria to particular participants, presenters or performers.

Will I get to see the EBSN’s Annual Accounts?

No. The Accounts remain confidential to the EBSN Board. However, we would share information that confirms how EBSN income has been used, e.g. to clarify that no members receive any payment for helping to run the EBSN.

Is sponsorship a one-off?

Yes. We’d be very grateful if you renewed it annually, of course, but it is simpler all round if it is a single commitment.

Can I get my money back if I change my mind?

Not normally, because we would probably have already factored the money into the income of a conference.

Can anyone be a sponsor?

Except for members of the EBSN Board, yes. However, if there were reasonable grounds for being concerned about an individual or organisation, the Board would vote on whether to accept sponsorship.

Is there a formal sponsorship contract?

No. However, we would issue an informal letter that clarifies the understanding of everyone concerned, and we would supply whatever documentation is needed in cases where tax deductions are involved.