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February 2022: Episode 8 EBSN2021 Panel 2 “Art and the Beat Generation”

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This panel, chaired by Peggy Pacini and moderated by Estíbaliz Encarnación-Pinedo, features the following panelists/papers: Beatriz Cordero: “Abstract Expressionists and the Beat Generation” Daria Baryshnikova: “Art Language Radically Revised” Tanguy Harma: “Counterculture, Counterpower? Disengagement: The Art of the Beat Generation”

December 2021: Episode 7 EBSN2021 Conference Introduction and Panel 1

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Conference organizers Estíbaliz Encarnación-Pinedo, Benjamin J. Heal, and Chad Weidner introduce the event, with a short speech from EBSN president Ohilver Harris. The panel titled “Spiralling Back to the Beats’ SpiritualRoots, Spiralling Forth to the Beats’ Neo-Shamanic Potential” is chaired by Franca Bellarsi. Panelists/papers: Sarah Biratate: “A WordsworthianReading on Diane di Prima’s Quest forInterfusion” Anikó Juhász: “‘The Skeleton of MyPoetry’: The Beat Generation’s Influence on Ferenc Juhász” Jeremy Wastiaux: “The Ecopoetics ofJack Kerouac: Dissipative Structures in Visions of Cody and Mexico City Blues”

August 2021: Episode 6. Thomas Antonic interviewed by Benjamin J. Heal. Interview with Austria-based Beat Scholar, poet, filmmaker and musician Thomas Antonic. Discussion includes the connections between the Beats and Austria, ruth weiss (including Thomas’s upcoming co-edited volume ruth weiss Beat Poetry, Jazz, Art , and film ruth weiss: One More Step West Is the Sea), and his recent book on William Burroughs’ time in Austria.

August 2021: Episode 5. ACLA EBSN panel Day 3.

August 2021: Episode 4. Day 2. Benjamin J. Heal and Erik Mortenson present an EBSN panel titled “Beat Internationalism” for the American Comparative Literature Association annual conference, April 2021. The recording of day 1, featuring Sonya Isaak and Esther Marinho Santana was unfortunately lost.
—LQ Youtube video here

August 2021: Episode 3. Estíbaliz Encarnación Pinedo presents a panel titled “Beat generation goddess ruth weiss (re)considered” for the British Association of American Studies digital conference, April 8, 2021, in support of the book ruth weiss Beat Poetry, Jazz, Art (De Gruyter 2021).
—View the video here

December 2020: Episode 2 – Nancy M. Grace interviewed by Estíbaliz Encarnación-Pinedo

Interview with esteemed Beat scholar Nancy M. Grace, Virginia Myers Professor and Chair of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at the College of Wooster, US. She is a founding member of the Beat Studies Association and the editor of The Journal of Beat Studies. The discussion includes the future direction of Beat Studies, Women of the Beat Generation, transnationalism in Beat Studies, and the legacy of the Beat Generation.

August 1, 2020. Episode 1 – Oliver Harris interviewed by Benjamin J. Heal

Interview with Professor Oliver Harris, President of the EBSN and eminent William Burroughs/Beat scholar. The discussion explores the formation of the EBSN, with some history and reminiscing about previous conferences, and plans for the future. There is also a consideration of the CUTUPS@60 Special Conferences which have been postponed to 2021 due to the Coronavirus. Oliver also talks about his exciting newly edited editions of William Burroughs’ cut-up collaborations and works; Minutes to Go, The Exterminator, Battle Instructions (Moloko Print) and Dead Fingers Talk (Alma Books). More information on these here.

June 15, 2020. Click here to listen to an interview with the prolific and inimitable A. Robert Lee, conducted and produced by Benjamin J. Heal.

Produced to celebrate Lee’s recent and upcoming publications, and in part to prepare for the launch of the EBSN podcast. Topics discussed include American Studies in the UK, Eric Mottram, Harold Norse and more.

What is ‘Playback’?

“Playback – The EBSN Podcast” is an EBSN initiative to promote, archive and make accessible quality content for EBSN members. From interviews to panel discussions, from lectures or keynotes to rare audio material, “Playback – The EBSN Podcast” seeks to broaden the field of Beat Studies through insightful, critical and creative podcasts made available to EBSN members through our website. In addition to spreading the Beat word, “Playback – The EBSN Podcast” also aims to help financially support the network and endeavours such as the annual EBSN conferences.

Where and how can you listen to it?

New free content will be added periodically to the EBSN website, and in the future we hope to gain some revenue by hosting more exclusive or specialised content available to members for a modest fee.


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Got an idea for an interview? Do you know any Beat-related artists or scholars who you’d like to interview or have us interview? If you want to participate and create content for “Playback – The ESBN Podcast”, write a brief description of your proposal and send it to with the subject line “EBSN Podcast”. Some things to keep in mind:

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  • Interviewees as well as topics covered in the podcasts should advance knowledge and understanding of Beat Studies and/or expand the artistic and critical points of entrance into the Beat Generation and its artistic and literary surroundings.
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