Playback – The EBSN Podcast

  • June 15, 2020. Click here to listen to an interview with the prolific and inimitable A. Robert Lee, conducted and produced by Benjamin J. Heal.

    Produced to celebrate Lee’s recent and upcoming publications, and in part to prepare for the launch of the EBSN podcast. Topics discussed include American Studies in the UK, Eric Mottram, Harold Norse and more.

What is ‘Playback’?

“Playback – The EBSN Podcast” is an EBSN initiative to promote, archive and make accessible quality content for EBSN members. From interviews to panel discussions, from lectures or keynotes to rare audio material, “Playback – The EBSN Podcast” seeks to broaden the field of Beat Studies through insightful, critical and creative podcasts made available to EBSN members through our website. In addition to spreading the Beat word, “Playback – The EBSN Podcast” also aims to help financially support the network and endeavours such as the annual EBSN conferences.

Where and how can you listen to it?

New free content will be added periodically to the EBSN website, and in the future we hope to gain some revenue by hosting more exclusive or specialised content available to members for a modest fee.

How can you participate?

Got an idea for an interview? Do you know any Beat-related artists or scholars who you’d like to interview or have us interview? If you want to participate and create content for “Playback – The ESBN Podcast”, write a brief description of your proposal and send it to with the subject line “EBSN Podcast”. Some things to keep in mind:

  • The podcasts should be between 40-60 minutes.
  • Interviewees as well as topics covered in the podcasts should advance knowledge and understanding of Beat Studies and/or expand the artistic and critical points of entrance into the Beat Generation and its artistic and literary surroundings.
  • If you want to provide the audio, you need to meet some technical requirements:
    Good quality 16 bit or higher wav files please – and do try to minimise noise.