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In this section you can find short articles, reports, reflections and interviews. If you have an idea for a piece please email Polina. Please click on the links below to read our current articles and interviews.

NEW : Farid Ghadami interviewed by Erik Mortenson


Corso@UConn – 1996 recording of Gregory Corso reading

On The Life of a Titan: Lawrence Ferlinghetti (1919-2021)

Diane di Prima: A Phone Conference / Poetry Reading and Discussion of Her Life (2000)

The Ur-Text of the Beats: A Conversation with A. Robert Lee on The Joan Anderson Letter by Kurt Hemmer

This kind of bird flew backwards: Diane di Prima (1934-2020)


An interview with Philippe Tancelin, by Nina Zivancevic

Jürgen Ploog: A Terminal Landing

Obituary for Michael McClure

Obituary for Genesis P’Orridge

John Giorno Obituary

Jack Kerouac as Artist

Jean Fanchette : Two Cities et la Beat Generation

Visiones Divinas (Devine Visions: Allen Ginsberg’s Peruvian Trip)

William S. Burroughs and Malcolm McNeill’s Lost Mayan Caper

Burroughs Called the Law

Burroughs’ Library

Spanish Translations of On the Road


THE LAST QUARTER CENTURY : An Interview with Gerald Nicosia by Kurt Hemmer

Jean-François Duval interviewé par Lucie Malagnat

Théophile Aries interviewé par Lucie Malagnat

Julien Delmaire interviewé par Lucie Malagnat

THE FRENCH GENEALOGY OF THE BEAT GENERATION: Véronique Lane interviewed by Douglas Field

THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO THE BEATS: Steven Belletto interviewed by Oliver Harris

THE LAST DAYS OF JAN KEROUAC: Gerry Nicosia interviewed by Oliver Harris

Andrew Lees Interviewed by David Holzer

Writing, Studying and Teaching Burroughs: An interview with Sean Bolton Recorded and Transcribed by Benjamin J. Heal

A Conversation with ruth weiss by Thomas Antonic

1985 Interview of Felicity Mason/Anne Cumming – by Jennie Skerl

Carolyn Cassady Interviewed by Polina Mackay

Johny Brown Interviewed by Oliver Harris

Théophile Aries Interviewed by Oliver Harris