Alberto Escobar de la Garma

Alberto Escobar de la Garma has focused his research in different aspects of the work of Jack Kerouac. He studied in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
He was awarded his English Literature Degree in 2009 for a study of the relationship between formal musical aspects of bebop and Kerouac’s style. Four years later, he wrote a thesis in comparative literature focusing on how the epistolary genre modelled Kerouac’s sense of ‘confession’ to create an effect in his work. In 2019, he received his PhD with a dissertation that deals with the influence that Buddhism gave to his creative process, focusing on one of the most underestimated works of Kerouac: Some of the Dharma, which can be considered an avant-garde book.
Since 2013, he has been teaching English in a highschool in the south of Mexico City.

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