Anna Aublet

Anna Aublet passed the French competitive exam of Agrégation d’anglais in 2013 and was awarded a doctoral grant. She is currently a doctoral fellow and lecturer at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense. She was awarded a scholarship to visit Stanford University, CA and excavate the extensive Allen Ginsberg Papers held in the special collection library.

Her dissertation, entitled The prophet in the garden: William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsbergfocuses on the processes by which the poets manage to claim ownership of their land in spite of the lurking mechanic apocalypse.

Writing, each in his own time, both poets endeavor to reclaim the original historical and spatial meaning of their continent, by devising an autochthonous language that would provide a new “point of view” and a new “point of voice”, as means to prophesy a collective future for the nation from their personal “local” anchorage in their natal New Jersey.


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