Bob Rosenthal

Published Beatdom books, 2019 Straight Around Allen : On the Business of Being Allen Ginsberg —
Ann Charters: The best book about Ginsberg ever published.
Helen Vendler: Of course, the book is indispensible on documentary grounds alone but the sustained narrative has great moving power.

Born 1950 — Chicago, Illinois — married to Rochelle Kraut —
Studied poetry under: Paul Carroll, Ted Berrigan, Joel Oppenhiemer, Bernadette Mayer, and Alice Notley,
Books of poetry: Morning Poems, Lies About the Flesh,
Rude Awakenings, Viburnum, and Eleven Psalms;
Prose: Straight Around Allen: On The Business of Being Allen Ginsberg, and Cleaning Up New York;
The Cause of Gravity, the Whore of the Alpines, Bicentennial Suicide, and Clear The Range.
Bob Rosenthal worked as Allen Ginsberg’s secretary for 20 years until Allen’s death (1977 -1997), and currently is a chief advisor to Ginsberg’s estate.