Dave Moore

Dave Moore is based in Bristol, England, and was the founding editor and publisher of The Kerouac Connection magazine (1984-2000) and compiler and editor of Neal Cassady: Collected Letters, 1944-1967 (Penguin, 2004). Author of many articles on the Beat writers, he also writes on mystery and crime fiction as well as jazz and blues. Dave has just completed an on-line guide to the 600+ characters in Kerouac’s Duluoz Legend, and other Beat works. See the guide here.

See also his Galleries of Beat Book Covers and recordings relating to and inspired by Jack Kerouac and/or Neal Cassady.

Dave has also recently set up a new discussion forum, the Kerouac Studies Group. All EBSN members are invited to visit the group’s home page and sign up for membership.

Dave also contributes to these websites:

Empty Mirror

Dharma Beat

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