David Garyan

David Garyan received an MA and MFA from Cal State Long Beach, where he identified himself with the “stand up” poetry aesthetic, which emphasizes honesty, clarity, and a direct treatment of the subject—all things which are relevant to the Beat approach.

Having published three chapbooks, then a full collection, (DISS)INFORMATION, with Main Street Rag in 2018, he moved to Italy a year later in order to study cultural cooperation and human rights at the University of Bologna, from which he graduated in 2021. 

In 2022, he became General European Editor of Interlitq, an international online literary magazine, after serving as its Italy correspondent for two years.

He has interviewed and published the work of numerous well-known academics and poets, including Elena Poniatowska, Robert Pinsky, Willis Barnstone, Fiona Sampson, Susan Stewart, S.A. Griffin, and Harry Northup, among others.

His most recent interview is with fellow ESBN member, Clive Matson, in collaboration with Pace University—an endeavor spanning over a year.

His poem, “Open Letter to the Students of Brandeis University with Bibliography,” published in Volume 11 of The American Journal of Poetry, was praised by Joyce Carol Oates and promoted on her official Twitter page.

He lives in Trento.