Elia Inderle

I’m a young artist from Vicenza Italy, very interested in the underground movement of Italian Poetry of the ‘60s, and very fond of the Beat Generation, in particular Jack Kerouac.  
The always alive interest in literature and poetry lead me to realize from 2014 to 2020 various artworks that join together Graphics, Painting and Literature, like the illustration of the novel of J. Kerouac: “Doctor Sax” in 2019, on the anniversary of the publication of the novel.
This research took me directly to Lowell (Ma) last year, where I saw the places where Kerouac grew up, and met the committee that celebrates it (LCK!)
Here is my website: www.eliainderle.com 
I love painting and I’m working on some new projects for the 100th anniversary of Kerouac’s birth.