Eric Andersen

Eric Andersen has recorded over thirty albums of original material, including the critically acclaimed ‘Bout Changes ‘n’ Things (1966), Blue River (1972), Ghosts Upon The Road (1989), Memory of The Future (1998), and the double album Beat Avenue (2003). His text “My Beat Journal” appeared in the Rolling Stone Book of the Beats (1999), and he has written about William Burroughs for the Norwegian National Theater’s production of the Black Rider (2000). He has contributed to the National Geographic Traveler and contributed an essay on William Burroughs called ‘The Danger Zone’ for Naked Lunch@50—Anniversary Essays (2009). His Sony/Legacy retrospective double album “The Essential Eric Andersen” was released in 2018. He continues to tour worldwide and is currently writing his first novel.



Eric Andersen a enregistré plus de 30 albums, dont Bout Changes ‘n’ Things (1966), acclamé par la critique, Blue River (1972), Ghosts Upon The Road (1989), Memory of The Future (1998), et le double album Beat Avenue (2003). Son texte « My Beat Journal » est paru dans le Rolling Stone Book of The Beats (1999). Il a écrit sur William Burroughs pour la production du Black Rider du Théâtre national de Norvège (2000). Il a contribué au National Geographic Traveler et à un essai sur William Burroughs intitulé « La zone de danger » pour Naked Lunch @ 50 – Anniversary Essays (2009). Son double album rétrospectif “The Essential Eric Andersen” est sorti en 2018. Il continue de tourner dans le monde entier et écrit actuellement son premier roman.


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