Farid Ghadami

Farid Ghadami is an Iranian writer, critic, ex-university lecturer, and literary translator. He is best known in Iran for his humorous and critical novels with a radical counterculture outlook, as well as his translations of controversial literature, including that of the Beat Generation. He is the first translator into Persian of the books Ulysses by James Joyce, Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs, Howl and Other Poems by Allen Ginsberg, The Dharma Bums and Big Sur by Jack Kerouac. So far, he has written five novels, including Women in my LifeThe Commune of The DeadDominantMaya, and Parisian Pieces, and five works of literary criticism, including a book called Hitchhiking on the Road to Modernity: On the Beat Generation and has completed over 40 translations of, amongst others, Walt Whitman, Henry Miller, D.H. Lawrence, Anais Nin, Arthur Rimbaud, Mahmoud Darwish, William Butler Yeats, Ossip Mandelshtam, Italo Calvino, Antonin Artaud, Richard Brautigan, Amiri Baraka and William Blake. He has also written four scientific books, including Advanced Applied Engineering Mathematics and Research Methods in Science and Engineering which are now taught at universities in Iran. He is currently working on his doctoral dissertation on Walt Whitman at UPEC University in Paris. As a result of his collaboration with Oliver Harris, professor of American literature and the world’s leading authority on the works of William Burroughs, a book on Hassan Sabbah’s portrayal in William Burroughs’ works will soon be published by Moloko Print, Germany.