Henrik Aeshna

Henrik Aeshna is a frustrated bank robber who became an artist.

Unclassifiable multidisciplinary creator, polyglot translator, co-conspirator of Paris-based outlaw art-poetry network Tsunami bOOKS and organizer of Cabaret Toxique, Aeshna injects into European landscapes the pulsation of American experimental poets from the Beat-Noise-Free Jazz scenes. He is engaged in a radical dialogue with the masters of disorder and ecstasy from faraway tribal cultures (especially after his many experiences with Ayahuasca in South America, years ago), with Experimental Cinema, Butoh, women writers, street art, long lost bohemias and radical underground avant-gardes, and whatever interesting, disturbing, taboo-defying, rule-breaking and grassroots/magma-infused grabs his attention (without attaching to any reproductions and clichés).

His latest book, a cut-up titled Marseille Blues – cadavre exquiszophrène avec 50 personnages, was published in France in 2011.

He is also the instigator of Parkour Poétilique – a kind of organic poetical/psychogeographical exploration and guide to getting lost.

Official Site

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