Jack Sergeant

As an author Jack Sargeant’s work has been described as “dangerously inspirational” by Six Degrees magazine, his numerous books include Deathtripping: The Extreme Underground (Soft Skull, 2007, first published in 1995), Naked Lens: Beat Cinema (Soft Skull,2008, first published 1997, like Deathtripping now in its third English language edition), and Suture (Creation Books, 1998).  His latest book Against Control, (Eight Millimetres, 2014)  is a selection of essays on William S. Burroughs and related areas of interest.

Jack has contributed essays on film and culture for numerous books, anthologies and journals, and has written introductions for books by Lydia Lunch, Romain Slocombe and Joe Coleman, among others, including Michael Spann’s William Burroughs’  Unforgettable Characters. He writes a regular column for FilmInk, and has written articles for The Wire, Xochi 23, Fortean Times, World Art, Real Time, Metro and many other publications. His writings have also appeared in the booklets accompanying numerous DVDs  in the USA and UK, including the BFI release of Jeff Keen’s films and the Industrial Records Throbbing Gristle DVD box set.

Jack has frequently appeared as a documentary interviewee in films including Blank City (2010), The Advocate For Fagdom (2011) and Llik Your Idols (2007), amongst others. He also appeared in Jon Hewitt’s hardboiled thriller X (2011). He is regularly called upon to assist in research for television and film documentaries. He also appears as a DVD extra on the American release of the Burroughs influenced underground movie Decoder. In addition to writing, Sargeant has lectured on underground film and culture, beat culture, William Burroughs and many other topics across the world. He has curated numerous film and art events, and is currently program director for the Revelation Film Festival in Western Australia.


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