Jean-François Duval

My name is Jean-François Duval. I live in Geneva, Swizterland, (French speaking part of the country).

I got in 1974 a Master in French medieval literature at Geneva University.

I’m a journalist and writer (novelist and author of essays). I spent my whole life traveling, writing articles and books.

I wrote two books on the Beats, «Kerouac et la Beat Generation: une enquête» which was published by PUF (Presses universitaires de France) in 2012. Translated in Spanish. And «Bukowski & the Beats», first published in France by éditions Michalon (1998), then translated in English by Sun Dog Press (Michigan, 2002), alors translated in German, Czech, Turkish, Italian…

You can get more informations on me by clicking on this wikipedia link:çois_Duval