Julia Didokha

Born in 1991 in Khmelnytskyi region, Ukraine. Translator, editor. Translates for the Festival of social video advertising Molodiya Festival. Also translated the lecture performance “The Things (from Ukraine)” by Ukrainian playwright Dmytro Levytskyi and the short stories of American writer Don Shea. Member of VERBatsiya translation group since 2013. Together with the project members, translated Marc Smith’s poetry, verbatim “The Blue Bus” by Dmytro Levytskyi, texts of modern Ukrainian poets into English (anthology of poetry “Letters from Ukraine”, published in May 2016). Since VERBatsiya started researching and translating the American beat literature, took part in such public projects as LitParallels (lectures on American and Ukrainian literature of 50-60s); workshop on collective translation (by using Diane di Prima’s poetry); public readings project Beat to beat (pun on words – Beat movement and “beat” as a music style). Now is working on the anthology of American beats’ poetry translations into Ukrainian.