Kasper Opstrup

Kasper Opstrup Frederiksen is a Danish writer and researcher of radical culture. He received his PhD from the London Consortium in the UK with a thesis entitled The Way Out: Invisible Insurrections and Radical Imaginaries in the UK Underground 1961 -1991 which, at the moment, is being reworked for publication. For many years, he was active in the Copenhagen-based art collective floorless which was involved with self-publishing as well as creating multimedia installations inside as well as outside the institutions.

His research interests include, among others, the avant-garde, activism, alternative education, tactical media, new technologies and the counter-culture as well as contemporary intersections of art, politics, science and the occult. His writings have appeared in Danish, Swedish, English and Norwegian, most recently in Dansk Gadekunst (Copenhagen 2011), Signal #2 (New York 2012) as well as the forthcoming Art, Production and Social Movement: Remapping the History of the Radical Avant-Garde (London 2013).

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