Keith Abbott

Keith Abbott teaches at Naropa University, US, and is the author of several books, including Downstream From Trout Fishing From America: a memoir of Richard Brautigan (Capra Press, 1989; Revised edition: Astrophil Press, 2009), the novel Mordecai of Monterey (City Miner, 1985) and collections of stories, Harum Scarum (Coffee House, 1984) and The First Thing Coming (Coffee House, 1987). He has contributed to many anthologies such as The Beats and Philosophy (University of Kentucky Press, forthcoming), Richard Brautigan Essays on the Writing and Life (MacFarland Press, 2006) and Beat Generation (Communa di Cesena, 1994).

Keith’s research and teaching interests are: Naropa Buddhist writers and lineages; California Beat, San Francisco Renaissance; Hippie writers and artists; writers such as Rexroth, Brautigan, Snyder, Whalen, Kyger, Kerouac, McClure; artists such as Joan Brown, Bruce Conner, Jay Defeo, William T. Wiley.

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