Michael Fischer

Michael Fischer works on the speech immanence of sounds on saxophone, violin, soundscapes and conducted instant compositions within contexts of contemporary improvised music, experimental music and noise. In 1999 he started implementing the electro-acoustic phenomenon feedback, based on a no-effect, analog set-up: the feedback-saxophone, contextualizing the saxophone as/within an ephemeral sound-noise-speech sculpture (further elaborations in 2015 at the ZKM/Karlsruhe). Exploring the common grounds and metaphors of spoken word and sound, Michael worked with outstanding artists and early key-figures in experimental music, movie, op-art, conceptual art, visual poetry f.i. Marc Adrian, Dimitri Prigow, Lore Heuermann, and with many musicians/artists in the int. field of experimental music. Since 2003 he has ongoing extensive collaborations with writers in experimental poetry within contexts of radio-art, experimental music and noise as ad-hoc soundscaper. In 2004 he launched the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra and is since then its artistic director; as instant composition conductor besides the VIO, he also works with international large ensembles/choir, for festivals and institutions. Michael performed so far in Europe, Libanon, Japan, the USA and Canada.