Nic Saunders

. After completing his Masters Degree in Theatre Direction at RADA, London in 2006 Nic collaborated with poet Michael McClure on a London revival of his play “The Beard” The play was performed at The Old Red Lion, Islington featuring Victoria Yeates (Jean Harlow), Christopher Daley (Billy The Kid) and with new music by Terry Riley. The success of the play led to a short film collaboration with McClure in 2009 resulting in the award winning film “Curses And Sermons” based on the poem that inspired “The Beard”. Subsequent films have included “At Apollinaire’s Grave” (2011) based on the poems Ginsberg wrote at The Beat Hotel and which was filmed in Paris, “One Night At The Aristo” (2013) based on the short story “The Finger” by William S Burroughs and filmed in Tangiers and “The Good Blonde” based on the story of the same name by Jack Kerouac and filmed in Big Sur and San Francisco. Besides narrative films, Nic has also directed a short documentary film “In Conversation with Carolyn Cassady” which features Carolyn’s last filmed interview and he is currently working on “In Conversation with Al Hinkle”, who had a speaking role in the Kerouac film.