Patrick Monk

I was one of the supremely stoned ones present at “Wholly Communion”, it was the last ‘event’ I attended before leaving the mother country for good, first stop was 4 years on Ibiza. To the best of my recollection a group of us had just returned from a CND London-Aldermaston match. Been living in the colonies for over 40 years, primarily and currently in San Francisco. Married to Lisa Brinker who was once married to Gregory Corso and who raised his son Max as a single mother. You may want check out ‘The Beatnik Shindig’, a three day event in SF a couple of weeks ago presented by Jerry Cimino of ‘The Beat Museum’. While most of ‘the notables’ are dead, a number of their contemporaries presented and it was a wonderful happening. A dear friend of Gregory’s and ours is currently researching Nunzio’s life and hopes to publish a biography before all memories fade. Any first hand accounts and recollections would be appreciated.
Long Live Man.
Patrick Monk. RN Hospice Case Manager. SF. Ca. USA.
patnlisa [at]

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