Pete Brown

Born 1940 amid Blitz then doodlebugs (V1’s). Rejected all forms of doubtful support in 1960 and joined Mike Horovitz’s New Departures group, working with and without jazz. One of Britain’s few professional poets. Nearly starved until the Albert Hall event in 1965 with Ginsberg, Corso, Ferlingetti, who had been influences along with Creeley and even more so, Kenneth Patchen. Toured briefly with Ginsberg, Creeley.
Was asked to write lyrics for Cream in ’66, which began his career in music, contributing to huge hits Sunshine of your Love, I Feel free, White Room, Politician.

After Cream continued to work with singer/bassist Jack Bruce for another 46 years, including on much-lauded final record, Silver Rails.
Became bandleader in ’68 with Battered Ornaments, singing very badly for quite a while (although making records) Later singing and theory lessons helped considerably. Many different bands.

During Punk era left the business, began screenwriting when there was no Brit film industry. Also produced many records, including sessions with Jeff Beck, Jack Bruce, Gary Moore, Gary Brooker, Mick Taylor, even Mick Jagger.

Back on the road as singer/percussionist in the 90s and onwards, also much songwriting. Had neglected poetry for a while but towards 2000 took it up again and has continued. Autobiography White Rooms and Imaginary Westerns in 2010 and new big band Psoulchedelia, which continues.

Currently guest singer with Clem Clempson band, Krissy Matthews band, Hamburg Blues Band, and working as duo with Malcolm Bruce, Jack’s son.

New book of poetry Mundane Tuesday and Freudian Saturday (first since 1968) published in US 2015. Current CD Perils of Wisdom. Recent poetry appearances include Roundhouse, London (Anniversary of ’65) , Poetry Society Cafe, and Detroit Poetry Walk.