Roger Keen

Roger Keen is a writer, filmmaker and film critic with a special interest in surrealism, counterculture and psychedelia. He has contributed to many award-winning programmes for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, and his short stories, articles, book, film and DVD reviews have appeared in numerous magazines and online.

He is the author of The Mad Artist: Psychonautic Adventures in the 1970s, a novelistic memoir concerning his pharmo-picaresque adventures as an art student, which was very influenced by the work of Burroughs and Kerouac.

Roger has written extensively about the Beats, with pieces appearing in International Times, the PsypressUK Journal, The Oak Tree Review and Reality Sandwich. At the 2015 Breaking Convention, he gave a talk on ‘The Beat Writers and the Psychedelic Movement’, detailing the connections between the two.

Musings of the Mad Artist