Tate Swindell

Tate Swindell is an artist who runs the San Francisco record label Unrequited Records. Specializing in poetry, his label has released albums by Herbert Huncke, Jack Micheline and Harold Norse. An album of rare and previously unpublished material by Gregory Corso will be released in the Summer of 2019. Tate is a co-editor of the forthcoming Collected Poems of Bob Kaufman, due out Autumn 2019 by City Lights Books.


Tate Swindell est un artiste qui dirige le label Unrequited Records à San Francisco. Spécialisé dans la poésie, son label a publié des albums de Herbert Huncke, de Jack Micheline et de Harold Norse. Un album de documents et d’oeuvres inédites Gregory Corso paraîtra à l’été 2019. Tate est également le co-éditeur du livre Collected Poems of Bob Kaufman, qui doit paraître à l’automne 2019 chez City Lights Books.