Thomas Antonic

Thomas Antonic, Dr. phil. [PhD], is currently Max Kade Fellow at the Department of German Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and project assistant at the Department of German Studies at the University of Vienna, Austria. His research focuses on transnational and postnational concepts of literature and culture, and on 20th and 21st century German-language experimental / contemporary literature. He is currently working on a research project about transnational connections between U.S. Beat literature and Austrian literature and culture. A biography about ruth weiss, authorized by the Beat poet, is in process.

Antonic is also a writer of fiction and founding member of the European artist collective William S. Burroughs Hurts. Most recently he released the CD’s Flat Cat Bonfire (2011) and Limits of Control (Absurdia Records, 2013) with William S. Burroughs Hurts, and published the novels Der Bär im Kaninchenfell (2013) and JOE 9/11 (2014, both inGerman language) together with the Finnish writer Janne Ratia and the Finnish-Austrian artist Tina Raffel. In 2013 he was Visiting Scholar at the FSI (Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies) at Stanford University.

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