2016 Conference, Manchester, UK

The Fifth Annual Conference, co-organised by Doug Field and Oliver Harris, was held in Manchester, hosted by The Wonder Inn, a city centre community arts venue. Reflecting the conference’s two central themes of music and science, there were keynote talks from CP Lee, a legend of Manchester’s music scene of the 1970s and ’80s, and from Andrew Lees, Professor of Neurology at UCL. From America, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, The Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, and the UK, over 100 scholars, students, poets, musicians, filmmakers and publishers attended or participated, including performances by Libby Houston and Pete Brown, The Band of Holy Joy and Eric Andersen.

EBSN member Todd Swindell’s report of the conference:

We would like to thank the following for generously sponsoring the Fifth Annual Conference of the EBSN:
Arts Council, England; The British Association for American Studies; The John Rylands Research Institute, University of Manchester; Faculty of Humanities Public Engagement Award, University of Manchester; University of Manchester, English and American Studies; Manchester Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Cities@Manchester.

Final Manchester EBSN 2016 Programme

Official Conference Photographs and videos by Jan Schoof:

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Thanks to Gyeong-ryeong Lee, Roger Bygott, Kurt Hemmer, Hassan Melehy, Peggy Pacini, Bent Sørensen, Davide Crimi and Lars Movin for these slideshow images:

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Thanks also to Peggy Pacini who recorded these videos of Jim Pennington’s mimeo workshop:

Please note that the site for registration will close on May 25, as will the Visit Manchester site for special EBSN discounted hotel rates.
If you’re interested in attending, the day rate is £20 waged / £10 unwaged, and the 3-day rate is £50 waged / £30 unwaged. The fee includes lunch and refreshments, and you can register now via the University of Manchester’s secure payment system: http://estore.manchester.ac.uk/browse/product.asp?compid=1&modid=2&catid=477 (You’ll receive a confirmation email which acts as a receipt.)

Info on Hotels for EBSN 2016.pdf


We would like to thank the following for generously sponsoring the Fifth Annual Conference of the EBSN:
Arts Council, England; The British Association for American Studies; The John Rylands Research Institute, University of Manchester; Faculty of Humanities Public Engagement Award, University of Manchester; University of Manchester, English and American Studies; Manchester Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Cities@Manchester.

PDF FIle: Final Manchester EBSN 2016 Program G

Sunday, June 26

18.00 EBSN AGM [The Wonder Inn]

Monday, June 27

9.30 Welcoming and Registration

11.00 Opening by Douglas Field and Oliver Harris

11.15 Session 1: Keynote – CP Lee, “In the Image of The Beat” [THE BALLROOM]
Chair: Oliver Harris

12.00 Lunch

13.15 Session 2: Beat Encounters in Manchester and Liverpool
Chair: Simon Morrison
PANEL: Andrew Barker, Roger Bygott, CP Lee, Simon Warner

13.15 Session 3: Ginsberg – Buddhism, Collage, Kaddish
Chair: Steve Finbow
Franca Bellarsi, “Ginsberg’s Poetry through the prism of Buddhist Theories of Mind”
Rona Cran, “Simultaneous Data: Collage in Allen Ginsberg”
Peggy Pacini, “Writing and Reading Kaddish; An Exploration of the Soundscape(s) of the Poem”

14.45 Break

15.00 Session 4: Burroughs – Addiction, Dystopia and Biology [THE BALLROOM]
Chair: Polina Mackay
Richard English, “The Concept of Addiction in the Works of William Burroughs”
Giordano Goffi, “Burroughs’ Cities of the Red Night: Utopia and Dystopia”
Véronique Lane, “The Phantasmic Biology of Burroughs and Michaux: From Mugwumps to Meidosems”

15.00 Session 5: Beating Music Scenes [THE DRAWING ROOM]
Chair: A. Robert Lee
Jaap van der Bent, “Louis Lehmann, Libby Houston and Pete Brown: Literary and Musical Interaction between England and the Netherlands”
Marian Jago, “Patchen into the Scene: Poetry, Jazz and Vancouver’s Cellar Jazz Co-operative”
Ilze Stikane, “Interactions between music and religious thought in Beat poetry during the 1950s”

16.30 Coffee/Tea

17.00 Session 6: Out of the Archives: Poetry in Performance
Chair: Douglas Field
Janette Martin, “Beats and Fellow Travellers: Modern Collections at the John Rylands Library”
Libby Houston, live poetry reading
Pete Brown, live performance

17.45 Break

18.00-19.30 Session 7: Beating Film [THE BALLROOM]
Chair: Hassan Melehy
Thomas Antonic, introducing ruth weiss’ cinematic poem, The Brink
Lars Movin, “Brakhage and The Beats”

18.00-19.30 Session 8: Filming Beat [THE DRAWING ROOM]
Chair: Kurt Hemmer
Tom Cottey, introducing a trailer for Agent of Change, forthcoming Burroughs documentary
Kurt Jacobsen, introducing selections from American Road documentary
Regina Weinreich, “Framed: The Making of Literary Documentary”

Tuesday, June 28

09.30 Session 9: Beating Science [THE BALLROOM]
Chair: Edward Robinson
Anna Aublet, “‘All machines eat all Name & Form’: Ginsberg’s American Angel machine”
Davide Crimi, “Phoné, Porneia and 432 Beat”
Ian MacFadyen, “Atomica Psychedelica: Under the Bomb, Bruce Connor, Jim Morrison, Ira Cohen”
Michael J Prince, “The Iconic and the Authentic in Film Adaptations of Works by the Beat Poets.”

09.30 Session 10: Beats Abroad [THE DRAWING ROOM]
Chair: Alexander Adams
Maarten van Gageldonk, “Eskandarian’s Golden Years: Beat Legacy in a Transnational World”
Bent Sørensen, “Tram Combs and a Beat poetry less celebrated”
Cansu Soyupak, “Gregory Corso’s Bomb and Its Journey in Turkey”

11.15 Break

11.30 Session 11: Hybrid Beat [THE BALLROOM]
Chair: Franca Bellarsi
Arpine Grenier, “Verdant and Fungible the Beat, Alpha to Omega Familiar”
Narine Jallatyan, “Polyvocal echography in the beat of Grenier’s poetry”
Arpine Grenier, Narine Jallatyan, Raven See “Between Us a Correction Sign: Capital, Capital”

11.30 Session 12: Mimeo Mimeo Mimeo [THE DRAWING ROOM]
Jim Pennington, Mimeo Workshop

12.30 Lunch

13.45 Session 13: Cut-Ups, of Course [THE BALLROOM]
Chair: Chad Weidner
Antonio Bonome, “Polytopy and Burroughs’ Coordinate Points”
Edward Robinson, “Audio Technology, Science and Fiction in Burroughs’ Electronic Revolution”
Todd Swindell, “Cut Out of the Cut Ups: Harold Norse at the Beat Hotel”

13.45 Session 14: weiss & co. [THE DRAWING ROOM]
Chair: Bent Sørensen
Isabel Castelao-Gomez, “Elise Cowen as Feminist Avant-Garde Poet”
Eva Correa, “ruth weiss: From a ‘Minor Character’ to the ‘Goddess of the Beat’”
Estíbaliz Encarnación-Pinedo, “ruth weiss’s ‘Expanded Poetry’”

15.15 Coffee/Tea

15.45-17.30 Session 15: Kerouac & Co. [THE BALLROOM]
Chair: Regina Weinreich
Tanguy Harma, “A Song of Beauty and Death: Kerouac’s Music of Sublimity in Tristessa”
A. Robert Lee, “Art Music: The Fashioning of Mexico City Blues”
Nathaniel Ogle, “Our Man in Manhattan: Kerouac, O’Hara and the Ruination of American Ideals”
Fiona Paton, “Mexico City Blues and the Theory of Relativity”

15.45-17.30 Session 16: Beating Pop Music [THE DRAWING ROOM]
Chair: Sean Bolton
Khash Bavardad, “The Impact of the Beat Generation on the Lyrics of Lennon and McCartney”
Kurt Hemmer, “American Beats in Mancunian Music”
Merel van ‘t Hooft, “The Beats and the Beatles: two sides of the same coin”
William Stephenson, “‘To Play Unhinged’: Hunter S. Thompson and the Music of Gonzo”

18.00-19.00 Session 17: Eric Andersen with Chelsea Stripe & Michele Gazich

Wednesday, June 29

09.30 Session 18: Papers, Borders, Libertines and Impressions [THE BALLROOM]
Chair: Jaap van der Bent
Alexander Adams, “The Huncke Papers”
Mirella Cullen, “Beats Across Borders: Warren Tallman, From Berkeley to Vancouver”
Joe Darlington, “Transnational Libertines in the Age of National Health”
Arthur Nusbaum “Beat Impressions: A Conversation with John Tytell”

09.30 Session 19: Pussies, Punks, The Blues and Metaphors [THE DRAWING ROOM]
Chair: Antonio Bonome
Steve Finbow, “Burroughs the Pussy King: Burroughs, Acker and Punk”
Alan Keogh and James Peacock, “Punk Beats and City Streets: an Academic Performance”
Hassan Melehy, “Godard Gets the Blues: One+One, Baraka and the Aesthetics of Improvisation”
John Tanner, “Stop Making Sense: how Beat Era writers subverted metaphoric language”

11.15 Break

11.30 Session 20: Keynote – Andrew Lees, “Mentored by a Madman” [THE BALLROOM]
Chair: Oliver Harris

12.15 Lunch

13.30 Session 21: The Sound of Burroughs [THE BALLROOM]
Chair: Fiona Paton
Sean Bolton, “Burroughs’ Use of Popular Music in Port of Saints”
Alexander Greiffenstern, “‘East St. Louis Toodleoo’: Music in Port of Saints”
Polina Mackay, “William Burroughs and Laurie Anderson: Collaboration, Experiment, Parody”
James Riley, “Last Words: Nova Express and the Terminal Voice of William Burroughs”

13.30 Session 22: Musical Beats [THE DRAWING ROOM]
Chair: James Peacock
Thom Robinson, “The Influence of John Rechy and Hubert Selby Jr on the Music of Lou Reed”
Raven See, “The BreakBeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip-hop”
Chelsea Stripe, “Beat Male Role Models: The Influence of the Beats on Women in Music”
Anna Wyrwik, “Neal Cassady in Song Lyrics”

15.15 Break

15.30 Session 23: James Campbell in Conversation [THE BALLROOM]
Chair: Douglas Field

16.15 Coffee/Tea

16.45 Session 24: Burroughsian Guerrilla Virus [THE BALLROOM]
Frank Rynne, “On-going Guerrilla Conditions” (Live soundtrack to Burroughs’ and Balch’s films)
Richard Strange, introduces Burroughs homage film “Language is a Virus from Outer Space”

16.45 Session 25: Philip Lamantia and Jay DeFeo Panel [THE DRAWING ROOM]
Chair: Raven See
Max Orsini, “Surrealism, Catholicism and Lamantia’s Search for the Key to the Eternal”
Max Orsini and Tina Orsini, “Jay DeFeo Reading Philip Lamantia”
Tina Orsini, “Putting Jay DeFeo Back into the Narrative”

18.00 Break

18.15-19.30 Session 26: Field Notes: Radio Joy Sails on the Drunken Boat
Johny Brown, Inga Tillere, Tam Dean Burn, Richard Strange, Jonny Mugwump


CFP—Final Call
EBSN Annual Conference
Manchester 27-29 June 2016

We invite proposals for the Fifth Annual Conference of the EBSN, which will take place in Manchester, UK, from 27-29 June, at The Wonder Inn (http://www.thewonderinn.co.uk), in the vibrant heart of the city.

As always, papers on any aspect of Beat creativity are welcomed, but especially in relation to two central themes: music and science. The themes are reflected in our two confirmed conference keynotes: C.P. Lee, legendary Manchester musician and musicologist, and Andrew Lees, Professor of Neurology.

Music, because of the long association between the Manchester music scene and Beat or more broadly countercultural activity—including Burroughs’ famous Final Academy appearance at the Hacienda nightclub in 1982. And science, because Manchester will be European City of Science in 2016 and there are rich possibilities for exploring Beat creativity in relation to the sciences.

We’re open to all types of submissions, from long papers to short talks, panels, roundtables, open dialogues, visual exhibitions and musical performances. The Wonder Inn is an ideal location for the kind of more informal participations we welcome as well as conventional presentations. You don’t need an academic affiliation, only to be a member of the EBSN.

For all enquiries, and to send abstracts of 250 words with a short bio (unless you are already an EBSN member), please contact the Conference Administrator, Raven See (rsee11@elmira.edu). Abstracts no later than Feb. 15th. Decisions on participation will be made by March 1.

Conference Fee (includes refreshments & lunch): Full 3-day rate, £50; 1-day rate, £20; Student/Unwaged: 3-day rate, £30; 1-day rate, £10. There will also be a final night dinner (cost and venue to be confirmed).

Accommodation: reasonably priced rooms at special rates have been block-booked at local hotels close to the conference venue. Full details will be posted in March.

Conference Organizing Committee:
Douglas Field
Oliver Harris (oliverharris@mac.com)

Please feel free to share this cfp using the materials below:
CFP EBSN Manchester 2016 Final Call
Poster EBSN Manchester 2016
Poster CFP EBSN Manchester 2016