To join the EBSN just send an email with a brief biography/some information on your interest in the Beats to info[@] or fill in a contact form (below).


Oliver Harris – President
Polina Mackay – Vice-President
Paul Aliferis – Treasurer and Secretary
Raven See – Events Coordinator and Conference Administrator
Benjamin J. Heal – Webmaster and Membership Officer
Frida Forsgren
Chad Weidner

Website Committee

Website Administrators: Lucie Malagnat and Stefan Benz
Social Media Officer: Lucie Malagnat

Advisory Council

Franca Bellarsi
Jaap van der Bent
R. J. Ellis
Douglas Field
A. Robert Lee
Erik Mortenson
Lars Movin
Peggy Pacini
Davis Schneiderman
Bent Sørensen
Chelsea Stripe


Adonis Leboho
Adrien Clerc
Alan Garfield
Alan Keogh
Alan Keogh
Alan Wray
Alessandro Clericuzio
Alet Heezemans
Alex Wermer-Colan
Alexander Adams
Alexander Ferrere
Alexander Greiffenstern
Alexander Smith
Allen Tobias
Ambar Geerts Zapién
Anamika Bandopadhyay
Andrew Barker
Andrew Lees
Andrew McGuiness
Andrzej Pietrasz
Anna Al Araj
Anna Aublet
Anna Słonina
Anna Visser
Anna Wyrwik
Antonio José Bonome García
Anysia Troin-Guis
Ârash Aminian
Arpine Grenier
Arthur S. Nusbaum
Barbara Montefalcone
Barry Miles
Benjamin Miller
Beth Huber
Bill Morgan
Brad Parker
Brahma Dutta Sharma
Brandon Fiedor
Brenda Frazer (Bonnie Bremser)
Brian Sherman
Bruno M. Fontes
Bryan Mulvihill
Carlos Ferrand
Carol Criss
Caroline Hartge
Ceren Sengezer
Christian Greer
Christine Williams
Christopher Gair
Clémentine Hougue
Clive Matson
CP Lee
Daniel Bratton
Daniel Dissinger
Daniel Kane
Danielle Constantin
Darren Richard Carlaw
Dasha Baryshnikova
Dave Moore
Dave Slaven
David Arnold
David Cozy
David Holzer
David S. Wills
David Stephen Calonne
Davide Crimi
Dee Harrington
Diana Schreier
Dianella Bardelli
Didier Girard
Diederik Oostdijk
Don Meyer
Doreen Alvarez Saar
Edward S. Robinson
Eftychia Mikelli
Eila Kokkinen
Elaine Lewis
El Habib Louai
Elias Schneitter
Eric Andersen
Erik Mortenson
Erin Bell
Eva Álvarez
Escobar de la Garma
Estíbaliz Encarnación Pinedo
Eva Correa
Eva Kowalska
Ewan Clark
Fabiola Popa
Fiona Anderson
Fiona Paton
Florian Zappe
Frank Rynne
Gavin Goodwin
Geetanjali Joshi
Gerry Nicosia
Gillian Tasker
Gillian Thomson
Giordano Goffi
Gordon Ball
Greg Bevan
Gregory Sayer
Gregory Stephenson
Gulbin Kiranoglu
Gyeong-ryeong Lee
hariett nachtmann
Hassan Melehy
Heike Mlakar
Helen M. Dennis
Henrik Aeshna
Ian MacFadyen
Ilze Stikāne
Irene Polminate
Isabel Castelao-Gómez
Jack Mann
Jack Sergeant
James Evans
James Hornton
James Peacock
James Riley
Jason Lee
Javier Mendoza
James McDougall
Jean-Christophe Cloutier
Jean-Francois Duval
Jed Birmingham
Jennie Skerl
Jerome Poynton
Jessica Brasseur
Jim Pennington
Jimmy Fazzino
Joanna Pawlik
Joan Qionglin Tan
Joe Darlington
Joe Provenzano
Joep Bremmers
John Baird
John Long
John T. Davis
John Tanner
Johny Brown
Jolie Braun
Joost Damen
Joris Lenstra
Julia Didokha
Julie Andreyev
Jurgen Ploog
Kaitlin Solimine
Kasper Opstrup
Kathleen McCracken
Kathleen McCracken
Keith Abbott
Kevin Ring
Khashayar Bavarsad
Kiki Varekamp
Ko shin Bob Hanson
Kurt Hemmer
Kurt Jacobsen
Lana Durjava
Laura Martin
Lea Ladusch
Lia Altendorfer
Lisa Avdic-Öst
Lisa Haven
Loni Reynolds
Louise Kari Méreau
Luke Walker
Maarten van Gageldonk
Malcolm Guite
Marco Fazzini
Maria Anita Stefanelli
Maria Clara Dunck Santos
Maria Jackson
Maria Vittoria D’Amico
Marian Janssen
Marian Jago
Mark Jackson
Mark LeVine
Mary Paniccia Carden
Mathilde Louette
Matias Andree Frederiksen
Matthew Carbery
Matthew Levi Stevens
Max Orsini
Melanie Eis
Melanie Keomany
Merel van’t Hooft
Michael Amundsen
Michael Fischer
Michael Hendrick
Michael Hrebeniak
Michael J. Prince
Michael Skau
Mike Perez
Mirella Cullen
Mojtaba Golmohammadi
Monika Krajka
Myriam Bouchoucha
Nadra Abada
Nancy Grace
Narine Jallatyan
Nathaniel Ogle
Neville Farmer
Nic Saunders
Nick Nuttall
Nick Selby
Nina Zivancevic
Nuno Miguel Neves
Oana Demeter
Olivier Penot-Lacassagne
Pablo Haller
Pam Plymell
Patrick Monk
Paul McDonald
Paul Nelson
Pedro Casusol Tapia
Penny Skillman
Pete Brown
Peter Cockelbergh
Peter Hogg
Peter Jaeger
Peter Shapiro
Phil Baker
Pierre-Antoine Pellerin
Rain Newcomb
Ralf Friel
Rebecca Evans
Regina Weinreich
Rene van der Voort
Ric Chen 陈新儒
Richard English
Richard Murphy
Richard Strange
Rita Tasi
Rob Holton
Robert W. Jones II
Roger Bygott
Rona Cran
Rory Feehan
Samantha Evans
Sandhya Devesan Nambiar
Sara Villa
Sean Bolton
Shaun de Waal
Simon A. Morrison
Simon Saher
Simon Warner
Stefan Wouters
Stefanie Pointl
Stephan Delbos
Steve Finbow
Steve Tromans
Steven Belletto
Stewart Smith
Susan Castillo
Syam Sudhakar
Tanguy Harma
Tanya Rodionova
Tate Swindell
The grauenfruppe
Théophile Aries
Théophile Aries
Thom Robinson
Thomas Antonic
Tim Pearson
Tina Orsini
Todd Swindell
Tom Cottey
Tomasz Sawczuk
Tomasz Stompor
Tony Hoffman
Tony Trigilio
Trevor Carolan
Udo Breger
Ulrich Rois
Uttaran Das Gupta
Valerie Goodman
Veronika Yadukha
Véronique Lane
Viktoria Grivina
Warwick Sweeney
Wendy Larson
William Stephenson
Yannis Livadas
Yuri Zupancic
Zachary Gregg Payne
Zineb Ouled Ali
Zsuzsanna Váradi-Kalmár

22 Responses to Membership

  1. Beatdom says:

    Interesting looking project… Count us in.


  2. Kevin Ring says:

    Looking forward to developments.
    Kevin Ring – Beat Scene Magazine


  3. Hi.
    This looks very interesting. I have shaken hands with three out of five of your Honorary Members and wrote about it in issue six of Beatdom. I have been a newspaper and magazine article writer for years and my most recent work is in the last two issues of Beatdom, as well as the upcoming issue eight.
    Please ad me for updates and discussions.
    M Hendrick


  4. Lydia Lockett says:

    I am a jazz/groove or beat poet who will be performing 6 or 7 shows in the upcoming Montreal Fringe Festival in June 2011.


    • polinamackay says:

      Please send us more information on your shows and we will put up details on the News page of the site. Go to the welcome page and click on my name to email me. Best, Polina Mackay


  5. I would like to be a member, thanks…wonderful site and the conference looks very exciting.


  6. Hi

    Looks intriguing. I have just started a PhD at Leeds University, within the School of Music, looking at counter cultural movements, including the Beats. This will be a great resource.




  7. E Roebuck says:

    Hello Dr. Harris,

    Some time ago, we corresponded over a chapter I sent you, written about the “Naked Lunch” trial, for the textbook “Propaganda Without Proagandists?” I’m keen to learn more about and help launch EBSN. Feel free to contact me at the above e-mail



  8. here is a post on the latest issue of Beatdo, released 12/17/11.
    thank you!


  9. Hi from Paris,
    I’ve been working on and with Beat/Post-Beat/Beyond-Beat, jazz & noise poets around the world and would like to be part of this magnificent zone, share experiences, present my translations of Beat poets into other languages and, most importantly, contribute for the renaissance of a new spirit.
    This is the link concerning my latest artshow/ exhibition:!__exhibition-henrik-aeshna

    Also, I (- alongside Tsunami bOOKS -) host poetry nights in Paris (Cabaret Toxique) :

    Look forward to hearing from you, guys

    Congratulations & Warm regards
    et les prophètes sismiques des savanes de Paris


  10. Geoff Ward says:

    Happy to join the list of members. Currently Principal of Homerton College, University of Cambridge


  11. Lia Altendorfer ChaoS FactorY says:

    hi from vienna,

    i would like to join the list of memebers.
    i am working on my dissertation about ruth weiss at the institute of theatre, film and media studies at the university of vienna.
    the network looks very interesting and could be a wonderful source.

    best regards,
    lia altendorfer


    • Hi Lia,
      Good to hear from you. I’m sure you must know Thomas Antonic, whose interview with ruth is in our ‘Scholarship’ section. To join just send a short bio to info[at]
      Best of luck with your dissertation!


  12. I have been most surprised about this site, The good old Beat Generation has gone now for most of it’s members have reached the age of peace, yet some of us off springs of the left over ” Road” have kept the faith and joined at a later time the end of the 60ties free movements and kept moving it started with Allen and Jack and many others and will never finish since the Super Markets of California will always carry the food for intestinal evacuations and the glorious spirits of the words which made the renewal of intellectual and sensual America, We once had Ezra Poud a loner today we have the tremendous works of Gins berg Kerouac Snyder and we can dream again into a American surrealist and sensual reality earthy food for the mind……………. JCC


  13. Mary Paniccia Carden says:

    Hello — I’d like to join. I’m an American scholar working on Beat-associated women writers.

    Mary Paniccia Carden


    • ebsn says:

      Hi Mary – send me an email at info[@] with a short bio/your interest in the beats and I’ll add you to the mailing list and set up a page on the site,


  14. Dee Harrington says:

    I am traveling to Paris for the session this month and will be filming. I am a poet/filmmaker/producer/ director. Please include me in your membership.


  15. Sunia Sumon says:

    I would like to become a member of EBSN.
    I am currently writing my MA dissertation on Jack Kerouac. I was wondering how much commentary/ criticism is there about Jack Kerouac’s only play ” Beat Generation”


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