Burroughs and Cohen – New Publications

Check out our New Publications section for details of some very interesting new books, including new editions of early cut-up texts featuring William Burroughs, and a collection of Ira Cohen’s mylar chamber photographs.

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Podcast Interview with A. Robert Lee

Produced to celebrate Lee’s recent and upcoming publications, and in part to prepare for the launch of a regular EBSN podcast, to be made available from this website. Topics discussed include American Studies in the UK, Eric Mottram, Harold Norse and more. Watch this space! [Interview conducted and produced by Benjamin Heal]


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Letter from Oliver Harris on CUT-UPS@60

2020 is the tenth anniversary of the EBSN and we wanted to celebrate the occasion with our most ambitious plans: the special Cut-Ups@60 double conference in Paris and London this September, featuring terrific line-ups of creative and critical participants.

At the end of March, I said we’d review in June our plans in light of the virus pandemic, and there’s no point delaying the inevitable decision to cancel. The health and safety of everyone involved must come first. We aim to reschedule for September 2021, however, and will update you as plans develop.

Unfortunately, cancelling our conferences is not just a massive disappointment for everyone involved, but an emergency for the EBSN itself. Quite simply, without conference income, the EBSN cannot cover its annual running costs and will need to be wound up unless we find revenue from other sources.

Our hope is that you, our members, can help sustain the EBSN through the current crisis and indeed enable us to develop in new ways into the future.

We want to reach out beyond our annual conferences and to move forward by creating opportunities for authors, poets, artists, academics, activists or anyone working in the Beat area to share their work with others online. In particular, we’re looking to organise one-off short events online, which would be accesible for a small fee, and if you have any ideas or would like to participate, please contact Polina (mackay.p@unic.ac,cy).

I realise the financial future for many people has become precarious, but if you have found the EBSN has lived up to its ambitions to be a community of scholars and artists, open to all, crossing national borders and disciplinary divisions, then I’d like to invite you to help keep it alive by pledging financial support, however modest.

There are several ways you can help keep the EBSN going:

  1. Order our Anniversary T-Shirt (https://ebsn.eu/2020-special-conference/special-anniversary-t-shirt/), which generates a small profit to the EBSN because we can order in bulk and still sell at cost. We need a hundred orders to make this viable, and have extended the deadline until August 1st with a view to mailing out all orders by September. Please order ASAP and show your support for the EBSN by wearing our shirt with pride!
  2. Make a donation online (https://ebsn.eu/about-ebsn/members/); even just €10 or €20 would make a great difference.
  3. If you’ve registered and paid for the Paris and/or London conference, we will refund your fees in full; but you could consider letting us hold onto the payment for the rescheduled conference in 2021 or, better still, donate the money to the EBSN. Please email me (oliverharris@mac.com) whatever you prefer to do.
  4. Sponsor the EBSN! As a registered charity, it may be possible for you to make a tax-deductible donation. For more information see here (https://ebsn.eu/about-ebsn/ebsn-sponsorship/)

Finally, to end on a terribly sad note, I wanted to pass on the news that Jürgen Ploog died on May 21. Jürgen, who was to have been our keynote in Paris, was one of the few writers to truly take cut-up methods further. He was also a man of great charm and dignity who graced several EBSN conferences. On our website, we honour his life and work, as we have other greats who have recently passed away, Genesis P’Orridge and Michael McClure (https://ebsn.eu/scholarship/voices/).

With thanks for any support you can offer, and hoping you and your loved ones stay well,

All best wishes,

Oliver and the EBSN Board

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CUT-UPS@60 Postponed

Yes, sadly we have been forced to postpone our plans for the double conference in September until at least 2021. More info to come soon…

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Jürgen Ploog

We are terribly sad at the loss of Jürgen, who passed away on May 21. We were lucky to have his presence at several of our conferences, and he was due to be a keynote at CUT-UPS@60.

See the warm words of Oliver Harris and Edward Robinson here.

See Peter Oehler’s fascinating in-depth obituary (in German) here.

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Telephone Interview with Carolyn Cassady, 2002

A little ray of much needed sunshine – Tom Knoff and Kurt Hemmer’s interview from 2002 has been edited and published on Vimeo, and you can listen to it here.

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New Book Review – The Beats By Steven Belletto

Check out A. Robert Lee’s free-flowing and admiring review of Belletto’s fantastic new contribution to Beat studies here.

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Death of a Magus – Genesis P-Orridge Obituary

I was very saddened to learn of the death of Orridge after his fight with leukemia. See Chris Becker’s electrifying obituary here and get a feel for Orridge’s commitment and contribution to avant-garde experimentalism.

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Michael McClure

I am saddened to report that Michael McClure passed away on May 4, 2020. I know several of our members did work on McClure, whose life and work truly transcends the Beat movement. Kurt Hemmer and Tom Knoff made a film on McClure which we would like to share as a tribute: https://vimeo.com/380771248

Read the moving obituary by Ian MacFadyen here.

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EBSN President Oliver Harris – News Update about CUT-UPS@60

Dear All,
In light of the Coronavirus crisis, I’m getting in touch about plans for Cut-Ups@60 this September. 
The situation is so uncertain as well as so serious that planning 6 months ahead is almost impossible. Hopefully, the situation will have improved in time and the conferences can go ahead. We will review the situation in June and see. One option is to reschedule in 2021.
In any event, please be assured that if we did have to cancel, the EBSN would refund registration fees. 
We would also try to think of creative alternative ways to celebrate the occasion, and in the meantime to support and help sustain the EBSN I’d encourage members to order our Anniversary T-Shirt (https://ebsn.eu/2020-special-conference/special-anniversary-t-shirt/).
Hoping you and your loved ones stay well,
With all best wishes,
Oliver and the EBSN Board

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