New Book Review – The Beats By Steven Belletto

Check out A. Robert Lee’s free-flowing and admiring review of Belletto’s fantastic new contribution to Beat studies here.

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Death of a Magus – Genesis P-Orridge Obituary

I was very saddened to learn of the death of Orridge after his fight with leukemia. See Chris Becker’s electrifying obituary here and get a feel for Orridge’s commitment and contribution to avant-garde experimentalism.

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Michael McClure

I am saddened to report that Michael McClure passed away on May 4, 2020. I know several of our members did work on McClure, whose life and work truly transcends the Beat movement. Kurt Hemmer and Tom Knoff made a film on McClure which we would like to share as a tribute:

Read the moving obituary by Ian MacFadyen here.

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EBSN President Oliver Harris – News Update about CUT-UPS@60

Dear All,
In light of the Coronavirus crisis, I’m getting in touch about plans for Cut-Ups@60 this September. 
The situation is so uncertain as well as so serious that planning 6 months ahead is almost impossible. Hopefully, the situation will have improved in time and the conferences can go ahead. We will review the situation in June and see. One option is to reschedule in 2021.
In any event, please be assured that if we did have to cancel, the EBSN would refund registration fees. 
We would also try to think of creative alternative ways to celebrate the occasion, and in the meantime to support and help sustain the EBSN I’d encourage members to order our Anniversary T-Shirt (
Hoping you and your loved ones stay well,
With all best wishes,
Oliver and the EBSN Board

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Claude Pélieu Conference – CFP Deadline Extended 7th March

The organizers (Frank Rynne, Peggy Pacini and James Horton) have extended the deadline for paper proposals for their conference: “Courts-circuits et visions disjonctées : œuvre et réseaux de Claude Pélieu/Short-circuits and Fused Visions: The Works and Networks of Claude Pélieu” which will be held at University of Chicago Center Paris, June 11-12, 2020. Confirmed keynotes include Benoit Delaune, Jacques Donguy, Pierre Joris.
Pélieu was a cut-up pioneer, and this conference has many intersection points with our EBSN CUT-UPS@60 Special Conferences. Download the CFP below.

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CFP: Humanities Special Issue, Green Readings on the Beats

Submissions are now open for a special issue: “Keep on Rolling Under the Stars: Green Readings on the Beat Generation”

Please consider submitting a paper on green aspects of the Beat Generation in a broad sense.

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New Publications: Ira Cohen, Into the Mylar Chamber, edited by Allan Graubard, (Fulgur Press, 2019)

This large-format, exquisitely illustrated hardback is a stunning tribute to the extraordinary photographic experiments of poet Ira Cohen, […]

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“The Beats: Authorships, Legacies” by A. Robert Lee – New Review Article by Simon Warner

The formidable A. Robert Lee, simply Bob to his many friends and connections in the global academic community, has been on the Beat bus longer than most. He studied under the trailblazing Eric Mottram, one of the early British scholars to acknowledge the artistic and cultural worth of Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs, and was there at a shining moment in the movement’s rich and entangled mythology: the International Poetry Incarnation at the Albert Hall In London in June 1965.[…]

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Brion Gysin – Let the Mice in

Ralf Friel’s Moloko Plus press has published a facsimile of the original 1973 edition of Brion Gysin’s Let the Mice in and extended it with a foreword by EBSN member Douglas Field and extra photos of Gysin. First published by Dick Higgins’s Something Else Press in 1973, contributor Jan Herman writes that the book brings together texts and photographs from the 1960s to document the use of cut-ups as a writing technique. Let the Mice in contains essays, cut-ups, photos, poems and works by Gysin and others that not only document cut-up literary history but shine light on the radical, pseudo-scientific and mystical influences that are the ground of Gysin’s art.

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Bomb Culture – Jeff Nuttall

Jeff Nuttall’s Bomb Culture (1968), like his magazine project My Own Mag (to which William Burroughs, in cut-up mode, was a key contributor) achieved cult status as a vital, radical exploration of 1960s counterculture. Nuttall’s reflective post-60s manifesto explores the radicalism of the 60s art, music, and protest movements.

Nuttall felt that atomic apocalypse was ubiquitous within high and low cultures, invading all cultural output, much as the mechanized death of The Great War stimulated Dadaism.

Along with the original text, newly edited by EBSN member Douglas Field and Jay Jeff Jones, is a new foreword by Iain Sinclair, who was close to Nuttall during the period described in Bomb Culture. This new edition also includes an afterword by writer Maria Fusco and introduction by the editors which includes images of Nuttall’s artwork and other archive materials.

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