EBSN Publishing

Editor: Polina Mackay
Editorial Assistant: Rona Cran

In this section you can find articles, reports, reflections and interviews. We are in the process of setting up a peer-reviewed article section and a creative writing section. If you have an idea for a piece please email info [@] ebsn.info where it will be forwarded to the relevant review board. Please click on the links below to read our current articles.


Visiones Divinas (Devine Visions: Allen Ginsberg’s Peruvian Trip)

William S. Burroughs and Malcolm McNeill’s Lost Mayan Caper

Burroughs Called the Law

Burroughs’ Library

Spanish Translations of On the Road


THE FRENCH GENEALOGY OF THE BEAT GENERATION: Véronique Lane interviewed by Douglas Field

THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO THE BEATS: Steven Belletto interviewed by Oliver Harris

THE LAST DAYS OF JAN KEROUAC: Gerry Nicosia interviewed by Oliver Harris

Andrew Lees Interviewed by David Holzer

Writing, Studying and Teaching Burroughs: An interview with Sean Bolton by Benjamin J. Heal

ruth weiss in conversation with Thomas Antonic

1985 Interview of Felicity Mason/Anne Cumming – by Jennie Skerl

Carolyn Cassady interviewed by Polina Mackay

Johny Brown interviewed by Oliver Harris

Théophile Aries interviewed by Oliver Harris

Jean-François Duval interviewé par Lucie Malagnat

Théophile Aries interviewé par Lucie Malagnat

Julien Delmaire interviewé par Lucie Malagnat

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