The Last Post

Editors: Davis Schneiderman & Benjamin J. Heal

The Last Post is a creative space where the most recent entry is, always, literally, the last post. Accordingly, The Last Post is a curated space for EBSN-inspired or inflected creative works: sound, image, text, cross-media or other work that responds/remixes/revisions Beat and Burroughs themes in new and startling ways. The Last Post is not and never will be fan fiction, but an ever-evolving index of creative works emerging from and challenging these traditions. We welcome submissions from EBSN members and non-members; The Last Post celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusivity, and encourages submissions from historically underrepresented authors. 

Your submission should “fit” as a single blog page, and is subject to the formatting limits of WordPress. Submissions may be text, image, sound, or other multimedia, so long as we can post it. 

Please submit your work along with a short bio. 

We are a volunteer staff, and submissions will receive responses as soon as possible, and generally within a few weeks.