EBSN Inaugural Conference, 2012, Middelburg

Abstracts of EBSN 2012 Papers


Wednesday 5th, September 2012

10.00 Welcoming with Coffee/Tea and Registration

11.00 Welcoming Remarks by the Director of the Roosevelt Study Center, Kees van Minnen, and Opening of the Conference by EBSN President Oliver Harris

11.30-13.00  Session 1: Beats in Europe [Auditorium]
Chair: Oliver Harris
Franca Bellarsi, “The Beats and the English Romantics”
Jaap van der Bent, “Beat Influence in Postwar German Literature”
Richard Ellis, “The British Beat, 1957-1964”

13.00-14.30 Lunch

14.30-16.00  Session 2: The French Connection [Auditorium]
Chair: Erik Mortenson
Ârash Aminian, “Kerouac as a Wild Existentialist?”
Véronique Lane, “The French Back-story to the First Beat Novel”
Peggy Pacini, “Satori in Paris: Deconstructing the French Connection”

14.30-16.00 Session 3: Ginsberg’s America [Library]
Chair: Tony Trigilio
Joep Bremmers, “Ginsberg, Vinkenoog, Rimbaud”
Allen Tobias, “The Journey East: Ginsberg’s Composition and Publication of ‘Kaddish’”
Luke Walker, “Emotion and Vision in Ginsberg’s Albion”

16.00 Coffee/Tea

16.30-18.00 Session 4: Lost in Sensation [Auditorium]
Chair: Polina Mackay
Beth Huber, Rain Newcomb, Emily Darnell, Alan Wray,
“The Sensory World of the Beats”

16.30-18.00 Session 5: Beat Experiments and Performances [Library]
Chair: Chad Weidner
John Long, “Could the Beats Have Done it without the Drugs?”
Bent Sørensen, “Buddhism, Madness and Movement in Kerouac”
Davide Crimi, “The Revival of Magick in Our Time”

18.00-19.00 Reception

Thursday 6th, September 2012

09.30 Registration and Coffee/Tea

10.00-11.30 Session 6: Gender/Sex [Auditorium]
Chair: Franca Bellarsi
Erin Bell, “Pubic Sex Acts in On the Road”
Marian Janssen, “Beat and Boston Brahmin: Paul Carroll and Isabella Gardner”
Raven See, “Gendered Spaces in a Borderless Generation”

11.30-11.45 Short Break with Coffee/Tea

11.45-13.15 Session 7: Kerouac [Auditorium]
Chair: Richard Ellis
Erik Mortenson, “The Reception of On the Road in Turkey”
Pierre-Antoine Pellerin, “Jack Kerouac and the Contradictions of Cold War Masculinity”
Ceren Sengezer, “Jack Kerouac and Shakespeare’s Forest of Arden”

11.45-13.15 Session 8: Burroughsian Physics [Library]
Chair: Oliver Harris
Alexander Greiffenstern, “Becoming-Animal in the Work of William Burroughs”
Chad Weidner, “Mutable Forms: The Proto-ecology of Burroughs’ Early Cut-Ups”
Davis Schneiderman, “The Miraculous Paste Pot: Burroughs’ Sept 17, 1899 Word Horde”

13.15-14.30 Lunch

14.30-16.00  Session 9: Beat Women  [Auditorium]
Chair: Polina Mackay
Alet Heezemans, “Beat Women and Feminism”
Doreen Alvarez Saar, “‘More Sex’: DiPrima’s Burlesque Anatomy in Memoirs of a Beatnik”
Tony Trigilio, “Elise Cowen’s Poems and Fragments”

14.30-16.00 Session 10: Burroughsian Times [Library]
Chair: Chad Weidner
Edward Robinson, “Ah Pook Is Here … Now!”
Thomas Robinson, “Burroughs and Children’s Literature”
Tomasz Stompor, “Burroughs’ Concepts of Time”

16.00 Coffee/Tea

16.30-17.30  Session 11: Gerald Nicosia in Conversation  [Auditorium]

Friday 7th, September 2012
09.30 Registration and Coffee/Tea

10.00-11.30  Session 12: Beat Receptions [Auditorium]
Chair: Jaap van der Bent
Maarten van Gageldonk, “The Beats in The Evergreen Review”
Alan Garfield, “Pilgrimage: The Journey to Beat Literature”
Arthur Nusbaum, “Beat Books as Artifacts”

11.30-11.45 Short Break with Coffee/Tea

11.45-13.15  Session 13: Pierre Joris and The Beats  [Auditorium]
Chair: Polina Mackay
Franca Bellarsi, “Nomadic Poetics: Reading the Beats through Pierre Joris”
Peter Cockelbergh, “Kerouac, Corso, Pélieu and Burroughs in the Work of Pierre Joris”
Pierre Joris, “Rerouting On the Road”

11.45-13.15  Session 14: Burroughs   [Library]
Chair: Davis Schneiderman
Ben Heal, “Noir Themes in Hippos and Paul Bowles’ Early Fiction”
Ben Miller, “‘El Hombre Imperial’: The Orientalist Tension in Naked Lunch”
Jack Sargeant, “William Burroughs’ Inspirational Outlaws”

13.15-14.30 Lunch

14.30-16.00  Session 15: Beat Cinema  [Auditorium]
Chair: Bent Sørensen
Antonio Bonome, “William Burroughs and Invisible Cinema”
Adrien Clerc, “Pull My Daisy and A Bucket of Blood”

14.30-16.00  Session 16: Kerouac’s Road  [Library]
Chair: Peggy Pacini
Melanie Eis, “On the Road, the Counterculture, Whiteness, and Masculinity”
Maria Jackson, “French Friends, American Allies: Ethnic Dynamics in On the Road”
Loni Reynolds, “Catholicism in On the Road”

16.00 Coffee/Tea

16.30-18.30  Session 17: The End [Auditorium]
Screening: The Beat Hotel (dir. Alan Govenar)
Davis Schneiderman, “Call All Active Agents”



Middelburg is located in the far southwest corner of the Netherlands. Major airports in the region are located in Amsterdam and Brussels. You can reach Middelburg by train in about 2.5 hours from Amsterdam (direct train) or Brussels (with changes). Bicycles can be rented at the Middelburg train station.


The Roosevelt Study Center is a research institute located in a twelfth-century abbey, within walking distance of the Middelburg train station


Conference participants can book lodging directly.

Hotel aan de Dam (11 rooms) is a very good hotel located close to the Roosevelt Study Center and city center. You might want to take a taxi from the station.

*De Nieuwe Doelen (27 rooms) is a good hotel near the train station, the Roosevelt Study Center and city center

*preferred hotel

The Hotel du Commerce (43 rooms) is a typical hotel near the train station, the Roosevelt Study Center and city center. The Hotel du Commerce has strict cancellation policies

The Hotel Provencal (8 rooms) is a modest hotel located close to the Roosevelt Study Center and city center. You might want to take a taxi from the station.

Other lodging possibilities

List of Middelburg Hotels and B&Bs


Dutch trains
Belgian trains

For more information please contact Chad Weidner at c.weidner@roac.nl.  Inquiries can also be addressed to Oliver Harris (oliverharris@mac.com) or to Polina Mackay (p.mackay@cytanet.com.cy).

Conference Organising Committee:
Chad Weidner (Events Coordinator)
Oliver Harris (EBSN President)
Polina Mackay (EBSN Secretary)

7 Responses to EBSN Inaugural Conference, 2012, Middelburg

  1. Dear Beats –

    I have a residence in the Netherlands and am interested in attending the Middleburg conference in Sept. Do we need to sign up somewhere, or is it open?

    Last week we saw the excellent expanded media Burroughs art exhibition at in Karlsruhe, Germany with Udo Breger, Aksel Heil, Barry Miles, and Ian MacFadyen, among others in attendence.

    Eric Andersen

  2. Jimi says:

    I read about the conference in Middelburg in the newspaper today. I would like to visit the conference but I saw the registrationform should be mailed before July 1th.
    Am I just too late now or can I still registrate?


  3. Hey! Check out http://www.burroughs23.com to view our new WSB photography book. Only 23 handmade copies were produced, and only five copies are left! Cheers, Charles Gatewood

  4. Gerald Brennan says:

    Are the papers available anywhere for those who could not take part?

    Gerald Brennan

  5. oliverharris says:

    Indeed we plan to publish abstracts and papers over time. Watch this space for more information…

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