David Holzer

David Holzer is a writer and a spoken word performer who lives and works in Mallorca. He has published a number of non-fiction books on subjects as diverse as the history of the Martini, Zen Gardens and fishing.

Articles David has written and published on the Beats and their relationship to Tangier and Morocco include  Does the gong still resonate? At the 2013 Colloque à Tanger and Billy and the Witch of Truth.

In August 2011, David spent a month interviewing storyteller and painter Mohammed Mrabet, a friend of Paul Bowles, for a book project called It Happens in Tangier. Since then, the project has mutated into something completely different but David is exploring ways in which to use the insights he gained into the identity of Mrabet as a ‘writer’, intimate of Bowles and the Beats, Moroccan and Tangawi.

David is currently working on a memoir which is becoming more and more unreliable by the minute and an epic poem inspired by his first visit to Burning Man this year. He hopes to turn this into a psytrance opera.

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