Conference Film Screenings

trapsheet_dvd_standard“The Line Has Shattered: Vancouver’s Landmark 1963 Poetry Conference”
Followed by Skype Q&A session with director Robert McTAVISH
Wednesday, Oct. 28, 17.45-19.15, ULB

See trailer and further information here:

“Powerground” (Dr. Trevor Carolan)
Friday, Oct. 30, at 5:30 pm (17:30), ULB.

Some information about the film:

‘The film is a colour, high-definition video, 30 minutes in length.  The log-line, or theme and direction of the film is: “Acclaimed Cascadian writers and ecologists rethink how we can win back the Earth in a time of Eco-crisis.”   Cascadia is the regional name for the cross-border Canadian/U.S. region that joins British Columbia, B.C., with Washington, Oregon, part of southern Alaska, and northern California.  It’s generally associated with the birth of the environmental movement and much of the ‘Sixties culture that moved up and down the Pacific coast here.  A good deal
of the world’s critical eco-thought arises from here.
The film features appearances by poets Joanne Kyger, Robert Bringhurst, Eve Joseph; Greenpeace Int. co-founder Rex Weyler; the important anthropologists Wade Davis and Hugh Brody; literary critic Colin Sanders, and a number of renowned artists and ecologists. Most are themselves also writers too.  My old teachers Allen Ginsberg and Gary Snyder are addressed at length in the
film as well.’

For more information see: Powerground documentary brochure