Welcome to EBSN – The Website of the European Beat Studies Network.

This Network aims to bring together from across Europe (and beyond) those who share an interest in the Beat Generation and associated writings. We hope that the EBSN will be inclusive, a genuine community of scholars and students, writers and artists, which not only reaches out to all kinds of people who work on the Beats but also actively invites their participation. You don’t need an academic affiliation to become a member, and there are (for now at least) no fees for becoming a member. We want this website to make a space for conversations, postings of news and events, scholarly discussions, links to other sites, and to share information about members (see Members page).

If you would like to become a member, please email us your affiliation (if appropriate) and/or preferred contact address, together with a list of research interests, publications, or other relevant information for posting on the Members Page.


A bit of history

2012 Conference. The EBSN’s Inaugural Conference took place at the Roosevelt Study Center in Middelburg (The Netherlands) on 5-7 September, 2012. Here members gave papers and talks and contributed to the writing of the Network’s mission statement.

2013 Conference. Our second Conference Aalborg 2013 was in Aalborg, Denmark, from 28-30, August. With 55 attendees, Aalborg University’s Bent Sørensen opened the conference at the Nordkraft Campus on Wednesday morning at 8:30am for 3 full days of papers, multimedia events and networking.

2014 Conference. The Third Annual Conference was held in Tangier, hosted by the Hotel Chellah and co-organzied with Khalid Amine. As well as keynote talks from Oliver Harris and Anouar Majid, there were over forty papers, a multi-media performance and musical sets featuring Eric Andersen and an impromptu appearance from Moroccan rapper El Haqed.


Contact Info:

If you would like to contact Oliver Harris (President) or Polina Mackay (Vice President) we would love to hear from you. For changes, additions, or suggestions for the website email  Raven See (Events Coordinator) or Alan Garfield, one of our web editors.



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