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Dans ce livre, Bruno Geneste allie citations de Kerouac et réflexions personnelles. « C’est une conversation informelle pour montrer les différents aspects de ce que symbolisait la route pour Kerouac », explique-t-il. Cet ouvrage au ton lyrique et poétique a été écrit en seulement trois semaines, pour respecter l’esprit et le procédé d’écriture automatique de Kerouac.

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In this book, Bruno Geneste uses quotes from Kerouac and personal reflections. “It’s an informal conversation to show the different aspects of what the road symbolized to Kerouac, “he explains. This lyric and poetic book has been written in just three weeks, to respect the spirit and Kerouac’s automatic writing process.

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Les Éditions des Lisières viennent de faire paraître (novembre 2018) un nouvel ouvrage intitulé Jack Kerouac et le haïku – Itinéraire dans l’errance. Bertrand Agostini (traducteur du Livre des haïkus, éd. La Table Ronde) s’associe à Christiane Pajotin pour nous faire découvrir une nouvelle facette de Kerouac. Cette étude est une réédition revue et augmentée d’une édition épuisée de 1998 et est accompagnée des magnifiques dessins à l’encre de Jean-Yves Roy. Une belle façon de découvrir cet art poétique qu’est le haïku.

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Les Éditions des Lisières have just published a new book (Nov. 2018) entitled Jack Kerouac et le haïku – Itinéraire dans l’errance. Bertrand Agostini (translator of The Book of Haikus, éditions La Table Ronde) joins Christiane Pajotin to introduce us to a new facet of Kerouac. This study is a revised and expanded edition of a1998 first edition and is accompanied by beautiful ink drawings by Jean-Yves Roy.

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In Women Writers of the Beat Era, Mary Paniccia Carden gives voice to these female writers and demonstrates how their work redefines our understanding of “Beat.” The first single-authored study on female writers of this generation, the book offers vital analysis of autobiographical works by Diane di Prima, ruth weiss, Hettie Jones, Joanne Kyger, and others, introducing the reader to new voices that interact with and reconfigure the better-known narratives of the male Beat writers. In doing so, Carden demonstrates the significant role women played in this influential and dynamic literary movement.

Dans Women Writers of the Beat Era, Mary Paniccia Carden donne une voix à ces femmes écrivains et montre comment leur travail change notre façon d’appréhender la culture Beat. Ce livre offre une analyse des travaux autobiographiques de Diane di Prima, ruth weiss, Hettie Jones, Joane Kyger, et bien d’autres, qui montre le rôle important que les femmes ont joué dans ce mouvement littéraire, dynamique et très masculin.

women beat era (1)


For the first time in a single book, this anthology gathers ten women who dared to brave the shackles and taboos of the 1950s, a time when the right to be rebellious was a male privilege. The young slammers Sébastien Gavignet and Annalisa Mari Pegrum, authors of this bilingual anthology Beat Attitude, give pride of place to poets such as Hettie Jones, Lenore Kandel or Anne Waldman, who escaped male domination and were already announcing feminism, the counterculture and sexual liberation. A book as explosive as is necessary for our times!
Release date : 7th June 2018

Pour la première fois rassemblées dans un même ouvrage, voici dix femmes qui osèrent braver les carcans et les interdits des années 1950, à une époque où le droit d’être rebelle était un privilège masculin. Avec Beat Attitude les jeunes slameurs Sébastien Gavignet et Annalisa Mari Pegrum, auteurs de cette anthologie bilingue, rendent leur place légitime à des poètes telles que Hettie Jones, Lenore Kandel ou encore Anne Waldman. Elles ont su s’arracher à la domination masculine et annoncent déjà le mouvement féministe, la contre-culture et la libération sexuelle. Un livre aussi explosif que nécessaire à notre temps !
Parution le 7 juin 2018

beat attitude


Erik Mortenson is pleased to announce the release of his new book, “Translating the Counterculture : The Reception of the Beats in Turkey” by Southern Illinois UP. As its title suggests, the book examines how the Beat legacy of dissent is being appropriated in contemporary Turkey.

Erik Mortenson est heureux de vous annoncer la parution de son nouveau livre “Translating the Counterculture : The Reception of the Beats in Turkey” édité par Southern Illinois UP. Comme son titre l’indique, le livre examine comment l’héritage de la contestation Beat est approprié dans la Turquie contemporaine.

Translating the Counterculture-1Translating the Counterculture-2


We are pleased to announce the publication of a new book this month, Beat Generation : L’inservitude volontaire, edited by Olivier Penot-Lacassagne – which features essays based on papers given at the colloquium that accompanied the major Centre Pompidou Beat Generation exhibition in 2016. Please find the summary below.

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer la parution prochaine de Beat Generation : L’inservitude volontaire, publié sous la direction d’Olivier Penot-Lacassagne. Cet ouvrage regroupe des essais et articles présentés lors du colloque homonyme organisé au Centre Pompidou en septembre 2016, à l’occasion de l’exposition sur la Beat Generation. Résumé ci-dessous :


    We are pleased to announce the publication of Global Beat Studies“, the December 2016 special EBSN issue of CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture, the peer-reviewed, full-text, and open-access humanities and social sciences quarterly, published in affiliation with Purdue University. This is likely the largest ever single issue collection of Beat Studies articles, with major contributions to research in the field. It features many scholars who gave papers at the EBSN’s 2014 Conference in Tangier, and was edited by Oliver Harris and Polina Mackay.
    A huge thank-you to all the contributors for their hard work!
    With its internationalism and commitment to comparative work, CLCWeb is a great partner for the EBSN; in 2014, CLCWeb published nearly 900 texts that were downloaded some 415.000 times in 185 countries, while the total download of the journal’s material since 2007 in its pdf format has been 1.5 million. Beat Studies goes global…
  • Volume 4 of the Journal of Beat Studies, edited by Ronna Johnson and Nancy Grace, is just out.As well as featuring excellent essays on Burroughs by Michael Sean Bolton, on the Beats and Independent Film by Jane Falk, On Ginsberg by Anne Lovering Rounds and on Snyder by John Whalen Bridge, there’s an interview with the poet and playwright Rochelle Owens by Amy Friedman and a series of major book reviews, including Maria Damon on Tony Trigilio’s edition of Elise Cowen’s poetry, Jennie Skerl on Barry Miles’s Burroughs biography and a review by Katharine Streip of Oliver Harris’s restored editions of Burroughs’ Cut-Up Trilogy. See the homepage of the Beat Studies Association for further details (
  •  Lost & Found Series V  features Kathy Acker, William S. Burroughs, Langston Hughes, and Jean Sénac: four major writers responding to sweeping socio-political shifts around the globe.
  • William S. Burroughs: The Travel Agency is on Fire The Travel Agency is on Fire is a selection of “cut-up” experiments by William S. Burroughs on texts by a range of canonical writers, from William Shakespeare and Arthur Rimbaud to William Wordsworth and James Joyce.
  • Collage in Twentieth Century Art Literature and Culture by Rona Cran 

Cran ANC flyer Sept 2014

  • A Poet Drives a Truck: Poems by and about Lowell A. Levant


In this posthumous volume of Lowell A. Levant’s collected work, readers will notice four main qualities of his poems. First, as observed by his mentor, Pulitzer Prize winning poet Gary Snyder, there is “the complex depth of his writing about work, machinery, trucks.” Second, there is attunement with nature, characteristic of “Deep Ecology” poetry.  Third, there is music, which he also created when he played a Jew’s harp, sang, or strummed his guitar.  Finally, Lowell’s poetry often took the form of the unfiltered, unfettered, free-associative declarations of the Beat Poets of his time, particularly those of Allen Ginsberg, whom Lowell admired.

  • El Manifiesto Abomunista, Bob Kaufman translated by Zachary de los Dolores (Temática Editores Generales, Lima, 2013)

    El Manifiesto Abomunista es la primera traducción al español del libro del poeta Beat, Bob Kaufman. Adémas de la traducción completa del manifiesto, el libro también cuenta con una entrevista que une el movimiento contracultural de los Beats con movimientos similares de Latinoamérica: El Nadaísmo y el Movimiento Kloaka. Los poetas Eduardo Escobar de Colombia y Roger Santivañez del Perú hablan de las influencias de Movimiento Beat en los Movimientos que ellos fundaron.

    El Manifiesto Abomunista is the first translation in Spanish of the book by Beat poet, Bob Kaufman. Not just a complete translation of the manifesto, the book also contains an interview that ties the countercultural movement of the Beats to similar movements from Latin America: Nadaísmo and The Kloaka Movement. The poets Eduardo Escobar from Colombia and Roger Santivañez from Peru speak about the influences of the Beat movement on the movements that they founded.

  • Beatdom, Issue 10

Contents include:

Hinduism: A Different Beat by Ravi and Geetanjali Joshi Mishra

A Short History Of Buddhism In Berlin by Zeena Schreck

William S. Burroughs: My Confessional Letter to the Western Lands by Nikolas Schreck

Kitty Bruce on Lenny Bruce, Religion and Recovery, with Michael Hendrick

Forever Stung by Michael Hendrick

Eating The Beat Menu by Nick Meador

Tristessa: Heavengoing by Paul Arendt

One and Only By Gerald Nicosia reviewed by Michael Hendrick

The Weird Cult: How Scientology Shaped the Writing of William S. Burroughs by David S. Wills

Maggie Mae and the Band by Velourdebeast

  • The Transnational Beat Generation, edited by Nancy M. Grace and Jennie Skerl (Palgrave, 2012).

The book will be published in January.  This collection of scholarly essays maps the Beat Generation movement globally by exploring American Beat writers and parallel movements/writers in other countries that shared with the Beats both a critique of global capitalism and a sense of the permeability of national and cultural boundaries.  Thirteen essays by established and newer scholars in the field and an interview with poet Anne Waldman discuss not only iconic Beat authors Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Ferlinghetti, but less well-known writers such as Kyger, di Prima, Frazer, Kaufman, Joans, Whalen, and Trocchi.  Contributors also discuss Beat-related writers in Britain, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Greece, and Japan.

  • Mark Jacobs, San Fran ’60s (Escallonia Press)

San Fran ‘60s is a collection of autobiographical short stories about Sixties San Francisco. This is the only literary fiction from those spiritual descendants of the Beats, the core group of the Sixties Counter Culture.

Free copies are available to EBSN members at

  • Erik Mortenson, Capturing the Beat Moment: Cultural Politics and the Poetics of Presence (Southern Illinois UP, 2010).

Examining “the moment” as one of the primary motifs of Beat writing, this work explores the ways in which this moment is constructed and its ramifications for our understanding of the Beats and their writings.  While many excellent studies of particular Beat authors exist, this book takes a slightly different approach, examining the concepts of immediacy and presence as they occur across a range of Beat texts.  Contextualizing the Beats within the transition from the modern to the postmodern, it argues that the Beat desire to capture the passing moment makes their work crucial for an understanding of American culture and poetics.

The book is available from Southern Illinois University Press, and sells for $35.00.

See here for more details.

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    Lowell’s book is reviewed by noted poet John Oliver Simon on Poetry Flash:

    The Memorial Poetry reading featuring Lowell on CD, former California Poet Laureate AL Young. and many more has been picked up by the SF Chronicle:

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